Leica Rugby 800 Series

The strongest and most durable construction lasers ever.

The Leica Rugby 800 series construction laser is the most durable and robust on the market today. More than an average laser, the 800 series are all extremely clever and flexible and are integrated into the Leica Geosystems intelligent CONstruction range providing a complete solution to the construction professional. This impressive range of lasers is protected to IP68, a Military Grade Certification and the highest standard in dust and water protection. It also comes with guaranteed temperature stability - something to be checked when comparing with other suppliers. This level of quality provides confidence when used in the toughest and harshest conditions.

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Variants of the Rugby 800 series include Smart Targeting for automatically aligning the laser, Smart Lock for real-time monitoring and corrections as well as many other features. Explore the Leica Rugby 810 for easy leveling, Leica Rugby 820 which is ideal for slopes, Leica Rugby 830 to avoid downtime and the top of the range Leica Rugby 840.

Each Leica Rugby 800 Laser can come with Li-ion battery pack and Li-ion charger. This means the laser can run and be charged anywhere and at any time. The Rugby lasers are environmentally friendly and can be used charged using a solar panel.

Enhance any of the Leica Laser Rugby 800 series with additional plug and play accessories. Charge and use at the same time with the A170 Solar Panel and increase performance when used with a Rod Eye receiver such as the 140 Digital, 160 Digital, and the top of the range 180 Digital RF.

All Leica Rugby 800 Series lasers come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty ‘PROTECT’. This includes free repair or replacement from faults in manufacturing or materials. The warranty also comes with 5 years no cost repair or replacement of all defect parts including calibration, adjustment and labour.

Grade Lasers

Leica Rugby 870 & 880 Series Comparison

Leica Rugby 870 Leica Rugby 880
Horizontal / Vertical
Grade capability
± 15%
± 10% and ± 3% in both axes
Self-leveling accuracy
± 1.5 mm at 30 m
Operating range (diameter)
1,100 m
Remote range (radius)
600 m
Self-levelling range
± 6°
Rotation speed
5, 10 rps
Laser class
Visible / 635 nm, Class 1
Environmental standard
IP 68 / MIL Standard 810G
Batteries Alkaline/ Li-Ion
60h / 40h @ 20°C
Smart Technology
Grade match, monitoring, axis alignment, auto calibration

Leica Rugby 800 Series Comparison

Leica Rugby 810 Leica Rugby 820 Leica Rugby 830 Leica Rugby 840
Self-levelling horizontal, manual single slope
Self-levelling manual & horizontal slope in dual axis
Self-levelling manual & horizontal & slope in dual axis
Self-levelling horizontal, vertical, 90° and manual slope in dual axis
Smart Targeting
Smart Lock
800metres (2600 ft)
800metres (2600 ft)
1350metres (4430 ft)
700metres (2300 ft)
Accuracy - Self Levelling
± 1.5 mm @ 30metres (± 1/16" @ 100 ft)
Range - Self Levelling
± 6°
Speed (Rotation)
10 rotation per second
10 rotation per second
10 rotation per second
0, 2, 5, 10 rotation per second
Modes (Scanning)
10°, 45°, 90°
Laser diode
635nm / Class 2
Batteries & Life
Li-Ion pack / Four D-cells
45hrs / 60hrs @ 20°C

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