SCCS recently hosted an Engineering Technology Day for Skanska at the Leica Geosystems School in Shropshire.

The idea was to introduce new technology and innovations to a wide range of roles across Skanska and allow them to experience a comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software solutions and how they can integrate the latest technology into many of their projects.

A range of professionals attended including senior managers, engineers, foremen, graduates and apprentices, all from different departments within Skanska. With a deeper understanding and appreciation of the available technologies, SCCS were able to help attendees understand how they can be more efficient, reduce cost and improve quality.

"It's been a great event and I've learnt so much through all the different sections from utilities and detection, surveying and all the way through to machine control. "

Samuel Teal, Trainee Civil Engineer at Skanska.

Not only did SCCS demonstrate the range from Leica Geosystems hardware and software, but we also showcased other solutions from other Hexagon Partners; including Hexagon SmartBuild, Bricsys®, AGTEK, OxBlue and MGISS. 

"Learn fast and digital productivity is one of the key aspects of what we do at Skanska. Efficiency comes first. If you can make things efficient, generally there are fewer people around so they're safer. There's a reduction in carbon because you're doing it quicker and then there's a cost reduction. These types of technologies make you efficient."

Mark Lawton, Head of Engineering Surveying and GIS at Skanska.

Skanska Engineering Technology Day

"The real purpose of the day was to make sure people are using our technology to its full capacity. They may see some innovations that they haven't seen before, they may see a completely different way of working."

Neil Williams, Heavy Construction Director - Hexagon

Alan Mansell FCInstCES from The Survey School (The Survey Association) and Joanna Lewis MCInstCES from Leica Geosystems also presented overviews of various training courses available to support Skanska employees in building their knowledge of surveying practices.

"It's been a fantastic day and great opportunity to show so many customers our facilities, products and expertise. We train, support and bring people to events like these, and it's the ability to work closely with our customers that sets us apart."

Kevin Smith, Managing Director - Hexagon

A huge thank you to everyone who attended such as successful day lspecial thanks to Mark Lawton CEng FCInstCES for helping plan this day.

Watch interviews from leading experts on solutions provided during the day

Samuel Teal, a trainee civil engineer from Skanska talks about his learnings and the benefits of new technologies.
Lily Currie Graduate Environmental Advisor from Skanska explains her learnings of the solutions available to her from SCCS.
Mark Lawton, Head of Engineering surveying and GIS at Skanska talks about the benefits of understanding the technologies available to everyone across the industry.
Neil Williams, Heavy Construction Business Director at Hexagon Geosystems talks about the benefits of understanding the available technologies from Hexagon Geosystems and the opportunities and facilities available to all Leica Geosystems customers at the school and training facility in Shropshire.
Kevin Smith, Managing Director Hexagon Geosystems UK reflects on the success of the Skanska Engineering Technology Day.
Jonathan Ng, Global Sales Director Hexagon Geosystems explains HxGN Smart Build™ Insight and the benefits.
Jaspal Pawar - The benefits of BriscCAD, powerful and affordable 2D drafting software.
Bill Cope - Vice President Corporate Sales talks about the benefits and efficiencies AGTEK provides.
Peter Murphy - An overview OxBlue construction cameras which use time-lapse technology.
Chris Evans, Building Construction Industry Director at Hexagon Geosystems explains the benefits and efficiencies of the Leica iCON ICR80 Robotic Total Station and its software.

If you would like to learn more about the day and the opportunities and courses available at the Leica Geosystems School, please contact us, or visit the website