1. Upskilling?

    Are you looking for ways to learn more and upskill either yourself or your team whilst working from home? There is a wide range of professional online courses, tutorials and further resources available to allow you to develop and learn. The SCCS knowledge base is a comprehensive resource for construction surveying related tutorials, guides and helpful documentation. If you...
  2. Severn Partnership Investment in Amberg IMS 5000

    Severn Partnership Investment in Amberg IMS 5000
    We are pleased to support Severn Partnership who recently invested an Amberg IMS5000 system at the start of the year to carry out surveys of the Rail infrastructure by collecting track geometry information and a 3D Pointcloud. For more information on the Amberg IMS 5000 please visit: and further information on our rail and tunnelling solutions here:
  3. Webinar - Ask The Experts

    Webinar - Ask The Experts
    Update: watch the recorded webinar now.   We are hosting a lunchtime 'Ask the Experts' Q&A session this Friday at 1 pm-1.30 pm BST. It's a great opportunity to present questions to our team of experts in surveying & geomatics, Leica iCON and building solutions, machine control and reality capture/laser scanning. We will also be advising on software solutions and...
  4. Leica iCON Total Station & Modern Construction Workflows

    Leica iCON Total Station & Modern Construction Workflows
    As it becomes more and more important for construction companies to be up-to-date with multiple building regulations, including environmental protection and living space optimisation, construction companies must be ready to deal with managing and planning more complicated living spaces along with decreased space and availability for new homes. Now, it is inevitable that within the building and construction industry companies...
  5. LOC8 for iCON Construction Total Stations

    LOC8 for iCON Construction Total Stations
    LOC8 theft deterrence and location device is now available for Leica iCON Construction Total Stations including the iCR70, iCR80, iCR80S, iCB50, iCB70 allowing them to be tracked and locked on demand. For all business owners and employees of Survey & Mapping, Civil Engineering and Building Construction industries, LOC8 is an essential addition to total stations. With the flexibility to receive...

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