Terms and Conditions of Hire


These conditions shall apply to all contracts for the hire of equipment owned by SCCS to any company, firm or individual (the Hirer).

  • These conditions are subject to English law and any variation may only be agreed in writing.
  • The Hirer shall pay to SCCS during the course of the hire the hire term rental at the rate set out overleaf. Rental is payable for the whole of the term, notwithstanding that the equipment may be returned before the term has expired. Punctual payment shall be a condition of the hiring. If at any time the hirer shall be 14 days or more in arrears SCCS shall be at liberty to forthwith terminate this hiring and recover the possession of the equipment.
  • In accepting delivery of the equipment the hirer thereby agrees that the equipment has been inspected, it is of satisfactory quality, free from defect and is suitable for the purpose of the hirer.
  • SCCS makes no representation or warranty that the equipment is suitable for the hirers purpose whether made known to SCCS or not.
  • Any literature to the Hirer shall not constitute a representation to the Hirer and exclude from these standard conditions of hire.
  • The Hirer shall insure the equipment against loss of damage to the full replacement value thereof whilst in the Hirer's possession or control.
  • The Hirer shall keep the equipment in good and serviceable repair and condition, fair wear and tear excepted. Any damage caused to the equipment whilst in the Hirer's possession or control shall be deemed the responsibility of the Hirer.
  • If the equipment is not returned within seven says of the completion of the hire term, SCCS shall be entitled to deem the equipment lost and to purchase the replacement and the cost shall be charged to the Hirer. If the equipment is returned in a condition which, in the opinion of SCCS, is not good and serviceable, SCCS may, at its sole discretion repair or replace the equipment and the cost shall be charged to the Hirer at the full list price.
  • The hire term shall not be completed until the Hirer shall return the equipment to SCCS in good and serviceable condition, fair wear and tear excepted and hire charges will continue to accrue until in accordance with clause 8 hereof SCCS has purchased a replacement of the equipment as the case may be.
  • The equipment shall remain personal property and continue in the ownership of SCCS notwithstanding that it may have been affixed to any land or property. If it so affixed SCCS shall be entitled to enter the property on which the equipment is located without leave and to sever the equipment therefrom and remove it and Hirer shall be responsible for any damage thereby caused.