Leica Rugby 600 Series

Fit, fast, tough levelling lasers.

The latest Leica Rugby 600 Series is fit, tough and fast. Rugby lasers are known for their toughness and suitability for all construction applications. Align, level and square quicker and faster than ever before, reducing costly downtime and errors.

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Simplicity and reliability with a one button process on the Leica 610 ensures there are no mistakes on horizontal alignment tasks. Excellent and improved performance with the all new Leica Rod Eye receivers and with the Rod Eye 140 and 160 the working range is extended. The Leica Rugby 620 has an additional manual slope feature for matching existing grades and is perfect for concrete forming, framework levelling and pad placement proving foundations and footings work more efficiently. The more advanced Leica Rugby 640 multipurpose rotating laser is versatile and suited for levelling, squaring and aligning work both inside and outside. It includes the ‘scan 90’ feature so it may be positioned in 90° increments making it easy to quickly move the beam to the left or right side. Accurate and automatic plumb down direction over a reference point for alignment is simple to do. The semi-automatic Leica Rugby 670 and 680 grade lasers provide continued monitoring of the laser plane ensuring accurate performance throughout the day.

The new Leica Rugby 600 Series from Leica Geosystems expands the collection of interior and exterior laser levels with five new models. The new series of Leica Rugby rotating lasers brings outstanding quality and pricing for aligning and levelling construction, which can eliminate costly errors and avoid downtime and repeat work. Increasing efficiency and productivity when construction workers are aligning framework, levelling ceilings, setting-out walls or checking grades, can be achieved through a user friendly interface with straight forward operation.

This new series of laser uses long lasting rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries which are very robust and provide over 40 hours of operation with each charge. The packs are also interchangeable throughout all of the Rugby 600 Series lasers.

Leica Rugby 600 Series Comparison

  Leica Rugby 610 Leica Rugby 620 Leica Rugby 640 Leica Rugby 670 Leica Rugby 680
Functionality One button, self levelling horizontal laser One button, self levelling horizontal laser Self levelling vertical, horizontal, manual slope and90° in dual axis Self levelling horizontal, dial in grade in single axis Self levelling horizontal, dial in grade in dual axis
Product Type Standard Construction Standard Construction Multipurpose Semi Auto Grade Semi Auto Grade
Features     Plumb up, Scan90, Beam down, Sleep mode.    

Measured at 20°C

± 2.2millimetres @ 30metres ± 1.5millimetres @ 30metres
Grade range       ± 8% Single grade ± 8% Dual grade
Smart Slope       Yes Yes
RPS Rotation 10 10 0,2,5 and 10 10 10
Range 600metres 800metres 600metres 800metres 800metres

Other 600 Series Features

  • 635nm visible class2 laser
  • Over 40 hours of operations with Li-Ion batteries and 60 hours of operation with Alkaline batteries
  • IP67 rating

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