Detection & Safety

We have a range of high quality, professional cable and pipe locators which are necessary when doing all types of excavation work. Our solutions are provided from leading manufactures and include Radiodetections Cable Locators, Flexitrace and Cable Detections EZiSYSTEM range.

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We supply range of thermal imaging cameras to help find heat loss and find inefficiencies in a house build saving costs and energy. Our waterproof video borescope can allow for survey inspections in spaces that are inaccessible.

Also available are personal protective equipment including comfortable high visibility jackets, vests and fleeces which are high quality and not only keep workers warm and protected from the elements but allow them to be seen easily in hazardous environments.

Covermeters and elcometers are available for locating and identifying metal pipes, reinforced bars and alike when constructing or maintaining structures.

The Survey Equipment Catalogue

SCCS Catalogue

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Used Equipment

Used Equipment

SCCS not only offer a great selection of new instruments but also a large selection of used surveying equipment and used GPS equipment.

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