Cable & Service Location Detection

We have a range of high quality, professional cable and pipe locators which are necessary when doing all types of excavation work. Our solutions are provided from leading manufactures and include Radiodetections Cable Locators, Flexitrace and Cable Detections EZiSYSTEM range.

With advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and intelligent software, the EZiCAT range make service location quick and easy increasing safety and saving both time and money. GPS technology provides geographical positioning and data logging records information when in use. Operators can determine the depth of the buried utility, providing an advantage when conducting ground surveys. Cloud based software ideal for fleet management, map view of use, user upload to head office.

The Radiodetection CAT (Cable Avoidance Tool) and Genny has become and industry standard pipe and cable avoidance tool, providing performance, ruggedness and reliability together with affordability and low cost of ownership. While the CAT can detect signals naturally radiating from metallic services, the Genny can be used to broaden applications by applying a distinctive signal for the CAT to detect.

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EZiDIG provides an extra level of protection during excavation projects, protecting your workforce and equipment by significantly reducing the chance of cable strikes.

Along with the location detection equipment from the manufacturers Cable Detection (EziCat Service Locators) and RadioDetection (C.A.T4 and RD ranges) we supply necessary supporting equipment and accessories. Reliable signal generators, transmitters, good quality cables and clamps all facilitate when searching for and identifying services.

Ground-penetrating radar is a method which uses radar pulses to create an image of the subsurface. Electromagnetic radiation which is non-destructive is used to detect reflected signals from structures within the subsurface. Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) can be used in a range of different mediums such as soil, rock, structures and pavements.

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Used Equipment

Used Equipment

SCCS not only offer a great selection of new instruments but also a large selection of used surveying equipment and used GPS equipment.

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