Marking & Setting Out

Our extensive range of marking and setting out equipment for creating reference points and markers that will guide new constructions and structures such as roads or buildings.

Spray Paints are suitable for permanently marking nearly all types of surface and general purpose non-toxic wax Crayons are available in many different colours and are suited for marking on nearly any surface. We have various types of Chalk for temporary marking and our engineers Chalk is specifically suited for metal, specifically steel. The SCCS Chalk line (refills available) are perfect for drawing straight lines on concrete, plaster, metal.

We also have various types of marker including the standard Edding Markers and the Markal paint sticks which combine the performance of paint with the easy use of a crayon and work on virtually any surface and are weather and UV resistant

We provide varying types of flags in different colours to out specific areas/objects and are a very cost effective way to help with general surveying tasks. For other type of marking out then wooden stakes work well and our road pins are perfect for concrete form work.

Anchor Station Markers provide and identify permanent survey stations with additional inserts in various colours available for increased visibility. Our high quality Ranging Poles are made from wood and steel and are ideal for marking out key points for measuring.

Marking Tape is strong flagging tape ideally suited when used with survey stakes for marking out boundaries. The tape comes in a variety of colour options and the highly visible black and yellow barrier warning tape is ideal for marking hazardous areas.

If you cannot find the equipment or item you need, or require some help please contact us.

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Used Equipment

Used Equipment

SCCS not only offer a great selection of new instruments but also a large selection of used surveying equipment and used GPS equipment.

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