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Total Stations

Perfect for all engineering, construction and surveying work.

We offer a range of highly precise and accurate Leica Total Stations. Each has superb precision and uses the latest distance technology to take advantage of a powerful suite of on-board programs and many sensor and accuracy options, all with the highest reliability. They are perfect for all engineering, construction and surveying work.

The Leica Builder Total Station series offers an intuitive and powerful range of measuring tools which are easy to use and ideal for many construction jobs. For any application from basic tasks to heavy usage by skilled operators, the Builder Series is efficient in many different applications from surveying and setting out to calculating areas and volumes.

The Leica iCON range of powerful hardware instruments, including the iCON Robot 50, CC60/61 Tablet PC, GPS 60 GNSS Smart Antenna, work together with the latest software to create increased performance and efficiency by streamlining the construction operation and workflow.

The Leica Flexline Total Station range produces the best results in the modern construction and surveying environment. The latest production of Total Stations utilises the most modern technology and makes use of hardware and software options to be selected to produce the required performance.

For expert and professional advice please contact our technical sales team to discuss any of the Leica Total Stations and equipment available.

Building & Construction TPS
Easy to use, tough total stations, built specially for site work. Fast, reliable angle & distance measurements. Robotic total stations with automatic target recognition and excellent tracking performance. Simple routines for all building and construction positioning tasks.

Construction & Surveying TPS
Rugged, adaptable total stations with accurate angle measurements, quadruple axis compensation, powerful reflectorless EDM, data output in any format, and application programs for surveying and engineering. Advanced Leica technology at a reasonable price.

Surveying & Engineering TPS
Highly accurate and productive total stations. Superb angle & distance technology, powerful suite of on-board programs, many sensor and accuracy options, highest reliability. Perfect for all surveying and engineering work.

Engineering & Monitoring TPS
Incredibly stable with amazing angle and distance measuring accuracy. Manual & automatic modes, measuring aids, remote control, application programs. Unbeatable for engineering, monitoring, machine control when zero tolerance is required.

Laser Stations
The Leica Geosystems Industrial Theodolites and Laser Stations of the TPS6000/TDRA6000 series set new standards in portable, large-scale coordinate measurement. Based on proven technology, unrivalled precision and optics, the Leica Geosystems Theodolites have become standard in Aerospace alignment applications.

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Survey Equipment Hire

Need an instrument quickly?

We have a comprehensive survey equipment hire fleet, fully maintained by factory trained staff. We aim to offer same day and next day delivery service wherever possible. To discuss your hire equipment requirements please contact us:

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