EGNOS any use? Yea it is; for those jobs that require less than full RTK levels of precision (10/20mm), there are several handheld GNSS combinations on offer, all of which are EGNOS enabled. In survey terms, a simple single-frequency handheld can achieve 300-500mm in plan – not bad for a...
  • What’s the major config difference between ‘1200 1-man’ and ‘Viva 1-man’?

    With Leica Viva creeping into hire fleets and companies updating their survey fleet, Viva is becoming more popular. The config difference when working 1-man is that all the ‘clever stuff’ is now on the controller (either the CS10 or CS15). Instead of working in “Terminal Mode”, where the RX is...
  • SmartNet – what’s the IP address?

    SmartNet – what’s the IP address? From 2011 onwards the Main and BackUp servers for SmartNet are as follows. Main: / IP port is 7801 BackUp: / IP port is 7801 Olympic Site: / IP port is 7801
  • FlexLine TS06 – where is resection?

    FlexLine TS06 – where is resection? Many hire fleets are selling or phasing out our beloved TCR805. For ‘800 users, your replacement will probably be a TS06. More capable than 800’s, the newer interface has subtle changes which take getting used to. In particular, ‘Resection’ (free-station) now comes under Programs...
  • Beeping Radio Handle? No communication working 1-man?

    Beeping Radio Handle? No communication working 1-man? We have had many experiences of poorly performing radio-handles; the newer series with the ‘humps’ are much better. If you lose comms when working 1-man, try and change the link number (F4-CTRL) on the instrument. This is a great way of testing whether...

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