• Switching from Traditional to Digital Asset Management

    Leica ZRover – Faster, more accurate asset management

    Switch from manual tools to digital processes to improve the accuracy and efficiency of collecting asset management information.

    The construction industry is transforming to adopt digital ways of working. Traditional ways are often manual, time consuming and subject to human error.

    Switching to digital asset management, by using the Leica ZRover solution, enables users to digitally locate, record and measure assets on a construction site with the highest accuracy, saving time and reducing errors.

    Get in touch with our expert team to download the overview and learn more about digital asset management.

    Switching from Traditional to Digital Asset Management Switching from Traditional to Digital Asset Management
  • Discover how to achieve centimetre accuracy on your smart device.

    For field workers requiring greater accuracy, the Leica Zeno GG04 provides you with the flexibility to connect your own smart device for data collection and still achieve high quality positioning data.


    The Leica Zeno GG04 smart antenna significantly enhances the precision of your position accuracy (up to 1cm) on your smart phone or tablet, enabling you to achieve reliable centimetre results.

    Watch this video to discover how to use your existing smart device with the Leica Zeno GG04 to achieve accurate positioning data. To find out more information on the benefits of using your own device to achieve centimetre accuracy, contact us today.

    For more information click here:

  • Leica iXE CoPilot - Simplifying the use of tilt rotators with iXE CoPilot

    The excavator operator only needs to concentrate on controlling the digging movement (boom, arm, bucket and slew of the machine) while the tilt and rotation function of the tilt rotator is adjusted automatically based on the reference model surface under the bucket.

    The operator maintains control of the bucket rotation as they dig, allowing them to manage material in the bucket properly but eliminating the need to constantly adjust the tilt of the bucket. This decreases operator fatigue, increases the accuracy of the iXE2/iXE3 excavator solutions and saves time and cost.

    For more information click here.

  • Leica DX Office Vision - Utility post processing software

    DX Office Vision is Leica Geosystems’ Utility Post Processing Software that allows DS2000 users to map digitally the detected underground utilities in a simple way by converting GPR data into CAD drawings.

    Leica DX Office Vision

    Key benefits:

    • Create CAD drawings of the detected utilities in an uncomplicated way in minimum time and with less training.
    • View collected data of the detected utilities in a simple way - compare data files side by side or from top to bottom to locate consistent features.
    • Obtain CAD drawings in 3D with object attributes in different layers – filter, select, identify and make annotations of consistent targets and anomalies.
    • Reduce processing time with no intermediate converting, third party software or patch required.
    • Visualise radar data from your DS2000 with an intuitive interface.
    • Merge your DX Office Vision Data with other Leica detection products like DS2000, Digicat and Ultra.


    Take over data processing into CAD drawings with confidence and simplicity

    For utility surveyors looking to map digitally the detected underground utilities, DX Office Vision is the post processing software with the fastest conversion speed and most intuitive interface to convert GPR data into CAD drawings for every user. DX Office Vision was developed by utility mapping contractors who are every day on the field, and understand the need of delivering 3D CAD drawings in an efficient way.

    DX Office Vision features:

    • Automatic data import
    • Automatic pre-set filtering
    • Real-world depth calibration
    • 3D CAD export
    • Target addition, Target connectivity, Depth filtering

    DX Office Vision X-Section: Additional to DX Office Vision,

    • Velocity Depth Calibration
    • 3D CAD view (fully navigable)
    • Time Slice Function


    For more information click here

  • Golf Day 2017

    Friday the 23rd June saw the fifth successful SCCS Golf Tournament with 50 guests and staff challenging in an 18 hole competition at the Welcombe Golf Club in Stratford-Upon-Avon. A huge thank you to all who attended enjoyed the game with the very infamous on-course refreshments.

    Big thank you to Chris Evans and the SCCS team for organising such a successful day for all.





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