SCCS recently supported Jackson Civil Engineering to setup their Automated Total Station (ATS) monitoring system at Coventry mainline railway station. The system will be providing real time deformation monitoring data during the construction works of the new footpath and pedestrian tunnel adjacent to the mainline railway station.

The team from Jackson Civil Engineering have installed nearly 70 prisms including survey control to undertake the monitoring. To speed installation and prevent damage to the critical assets where several of the survey prisms were to be installed they used the innovative magnet mounted ball prisms instead of typical drilling or clamping.

Due to access restrictions and potential damage to the NR assets in the public spaces where the ATS was to be installed they have used a deployable self-contained pyramid base for the ATS which then has all of the power and communications equipment needed to run the ATS from the remote site office where the control PC runs Leica GeoMoS.

Coventry Darlek 300Jackson Civil Engineering, Virgin Trains and NR are pleased with the system and its reporting, the installation has been nicknamed the “Coventry Darlek” by the locals at the station and the operator Virgin Trains.

Jackson Civil Engineering