Precise Levels

The classic Leica NA2 Levels from Leica were designed by professional surveyors and engineers with experience in the field. This automatic level is precise, reliable and convenient and suitable for all types of surveying projects, including engineering jobs, accurate geodetic control and routine levelling.

Its all-inclusive application makes it ideal for the construction of roads, pipelines, railways and tunnels and more. Monitoring of bridges and deformation measuring is possible alongside precise levelling and setting out work on the construction sites.

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Leica NA2 Automatic Level
£4,320.00 Incl. VAT £3,600.00 Excl. VAT
Leica NAK2 Automatic Level
£5,460.00 Incl. VAT £4,550.00 Excl. VAT
Leica GPM3 Parallel Plate
£3,900.00 Incl. VAT £3,250.00 Excl. VAT

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Each of the NA2 and NAK2 levels is highly reliable and ideal for use on the everyday building site environment. The compensator is protected against shocks and makes use of a very effective vibration damping system. For accuracy an attachable parallel-plate is available for fine, precise levelling. Other accessories such as the optional laser eye piece can enhance these levels with extra possibilities.

For reliability and confidence each comes with an easy to use check. Organised controls are convenient and the three rapid action foot screws make setting up quick without the need for resetting. The superior telescope comes with coated optical components which provide high contrast and bright images. Images are quickly bought into focus with fine tuning controls. The Leica NA2 and NAK2 can be used with any Leica tripod however we recommend either the GST20 heavy duty tripod or the GST40 which is more rigid, for more precise levelling. The foam padded container provided with each of the Leica NA2 Levels protects and provides transport between site locations.

Leica-NA2-NAK2-Brochure.pdf Leica-NA2-NAK2-User-Manual.pdf
Leica NA2 & NAK2 Technical Information
Standard deviation for 1km levelling - doublerun
up to 0.7 mm
Including parallel plate 0.3 mm
Telescope erect image
Standard eyepiece 32×
Optional FOK73 eyepiece 40×
Optional FOK117 25×
Clear aperture - objective 45 mm
100metre Field of view 2.2 m
Shortest distance focusing 1.6 m
Factor - multiplication 100
Compensator working range ~30’
Compensator setting accuracy 0.3“
Circular sensitivity 8’/2 mm
K version glass circle 400 gon (360°)
Diameter - graduation 70 mm
Interval - Graduation 1 gon (1°)
Estimation reading 10 mgon (1’)
Water and dust rating IP53
Operation temperature range –20°C to +50°C
Storage temperature range –40°C to +70°C
Optional parallel-plate accessory
Range Interval Estimation
GPM3 with glass scale 10mm 0.1mm 0.01mm
GPM6 with metal drum 10mm 0.2mm 0.05mm