Amberg Tamping

The perfect track!

  • Identify track position errors as a basis for construction and maintenance of ballast track
  • Comprehensive design data definition possibilities (absolute/relative alignment) including various interfaces for import and export
  • Interactive correction-data preparation for all current tamping machines (e.g. Plasser&Theurer, Matisa, Harsco)
  • Comprehensive reporting of track alignment and control point data
  • Integrated control point surveying as a stand-alone option

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Amberg Rail Tamping GRP 1000

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Amberg Tamping GRP 3000

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Amberg Rail Tamping VMS 1000

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Amberg Tamping VMS 3000

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Amberg Rail Tamping IMS 1000 / 3000

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Amberg Survey

Measurement system

  • Geodetic 3D survey mode for high precision and reliability in track surveying
  • Unique long-chord measurement mode with the highest measurement performance optimised for typical railway surveying conditions
  • Emphasise track locations of special interest for the tamping run using the marker function
  • Check certain track measurement parameters in real-time during the data acquisition
  • System configurations: GRP 1000, GRP 3000, VMS 1000, VMS 3000, IMS 1000, IMS 3000


  • Hierarchic and efficient management of design and survey data for handling changing track conditions during the project
  • User-defined merging of several measurement sections including a manageable way to handle overlapping areas
  • Powerful tamping data editor for intuitive and semi-automated correction-data preparation
  • Track Geometry Record as an additional tool for more detailed analysis of the track condition