• Is your 1200's shutting down every 5mins?

    If your 1200 (TPS or GPS) continually shuts down after 5mins, it is not a fault with the instrument or batteries. This is due to a “Start Up & Power Down” settings (5. Interfaces / 3. General Settings / 6. Start Up & Power Down). Change the “Switch Off” option...
  • Changing the Vertical Angle to “Running”

    When you want to take a reflectorless to a corner of a feature, which does not give an RL distance, take a distance (F2- DIST) to a close-by feature, then scroll up/down to the point you require and press F3-RECORD. To change the settings so that the vertical angle will...
  • For SmartRovers - 3G mobile data network crowd-sourcing survey by BBC News

    For all internet enabled SmartRovers (GPS1200, GS08, GS08plus, GS12, GS10, GS15), see the below link to a network coverage map generated by the BBC – check the 3G coverage for your site. For service provider maps, see previous blog post. In July, the BBC asked people to join a survey...
  • Mini-Prism constant for a GMP105, mounted manually against a nail

    For monitoring and other applications where repeat measurements are required, it is sometimes not practical to mount an array of expensive prisms. In these circumstances, a GMP105 (page 93 of catalogue) can be manually held up against a reference nail and measured by a Total-Station. The constant for this is...
  • I can't see my survey job onboard the instrument

    If you have done a survey, especially if it contains hundreds of topo-points, and you cannot see the Job when you go to export it, there is a solution! Infrequently and often when the CF- or SD-Card has not been formatted regularly, you may appear to lose your job from...

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