MicroSurvey STAR*NET 9.1

MicroSurvey Software Inc. is pleased to announce the release of MicroSurvey STAR*NET 9.1, the latest version of the industry-leading STAR*NET least squares network adjustment suite. Perpetually licensed with five available feature levels to fit your needs – Lev, Standard, Plus, Pro and the new Ultimate edition – STAR*NET gives users the choice between several tiers of features to ensure they are getting precisely the tools they need for least-squares network adjustment.

According to Brian Sloman, MicroSurvey Development Manager and STAR*NET Product Manager, "STAR*NET Ultimate users can adjust large networks containing up to 65,000 stations, cross-connected with a virtually unlimited number of observations between them, which many agencies performing large adjustments will appreciate.  And with the new command line interface, STAR*NET Ultimate users can integrate their STAR*NET adjustments with other scripted processes as part of a total solution for automated adjustments, slope monitoring, and other complex workflows. As a bonus, STAR*NET Ultimate and Pro users can now run all of the standalone data conversion utilities for MicroSurvey FieldGenius, Spectra Precision Survey Pro, Trimble Access, Carlson SurvCE, Leica Captivate and other formats without purchasing any seperate licenses.  Not to mention all the little enhancements and fixes that just make STAR*NET easier to work with on a daily basis."

STAR*NET 9.1 is a FREE upgrade for all STAR*NET users with a current Annual Maintenance Subscription, and a free, fully-functional 10-day trial version is available for demonstration purposes. Download STAR*NET 9.1 today!
What's New in STAR*NET 9.1


STAR*NET 9.1 features several important new capabilities, including:

  • STAR*NET Ultimate is a new top-tier edition featuring everything from STAR*NET Pro, plus the following:
  • Command Line Interface - STAR*NET Ultimate includes a command-line interface, so adjustments can be run from a command prompt, a batch files, scripts, or third-party applications
  • Large Network Adjustments - STAR*NET Ultimate can adjust networks containing up to 65,000 stations, an increase from the previous maximum of 10,000 stations. Note: STAR*NET Pro/Plus/Standard/Lev all still support a maximum of 10,000 stations. The 64-bit version of STAR*NET Ultimate is recommended for large adjustments
  • Data Conversion Utilities - STAR*NET Pro and STAR*NET Ultimate includes access to all of the data conversion utilities without requiring a separate license for them
  • Inline Warning Messages - Warning Messages generated in the Error Log during adjustment now also generate inline messages and bookmarks within the Integrated Data Editor, just like the Error Messages
  • Progress Bar - A new Progress Bar appears when opening projects or running adjustments which shows the current progress and status, providing better feedback especially with large operations that may take some time to complete
  • Open Data Folder - A new Open Folder button on data input files panel lets you immediately open a Windows Explorer to the location of the selected project file
  • Copy Path and Filename - A new Context Menu when right-clicking on a data input file lets you copy the path and filename of the selected project file to your clipboard
  • And more!


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