Cyclone 9.1.2 now supports the use of the iSTAR imager and will now import and auto align iSTAR images. Users will find the following enhancements when working with Cyclone 9.1.2.

  • iSTAR Imager support
    • iSTAR HDR images are generated by a specific camera manufactured by NCTech Ltd. Using this camera, HDR imagery can be captured quickly, and Cyclone can import and automatically map it to any point cloud data. Mapping this data to your point clouds requires no manual mapping of images. Cube-map images are generated, similar to those of the Nodal Ninja external camera kit. Because of the nature and arrangement of the images, cube-maps provide a complete and convenient mapping of the full field-of-view.
      (Please see Leica Cyclone 9.1.2 release notes within the enclosures for more information)
  • Import as Auto Align now supports scan files in folders as well as individual scan files.
    • This new supports now allows the ability to only pick the top level folder for importing and Auto Aligning scan data. This is great for nested *.fls files that are contained in sub-folders.

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