Leica JetStream ProjectVault 1.1, JetStream Admin Tool 1.1, and the all new JetStream Viewer 1.0 has now been released.
Users will find the following performance when working with JetStream data in the Viewer.

JetStream Viewer 1.0 connecting to JetStream can now take advantages of:

  • All new Navigation and Fly-through capabilities in the Viewer.
  • Simple measurement tool
  • Instantly opening and immersing yourself in laser scan point clouds in the Viewer.
  • User will experience the JetStream performance of all the points, all the time with no regeneration while zooming, panning, and flying in real-time.
  • Directly access laser scan data sets using the all new JetStream single entry point project structure.
  • JetStream provides a centralised, easy to use project environment that allows multiple users to access the data simultaneously, with no need to make local copies because of high speed rendering.
  • Users will find the following enhancements when using JetStream ProjectVault 1.1 and JetStream Admin Tool 1.1
  • JetStream ProjectVault 1.1 and JetStream Admin Tool 1.1 now have the ability to:
  • JetStream Admin 1.1 the user can now assign “nicknames” to the storage locations. The nicknames will then be recognized in Cyclone; therefore users publishing data can select a specific location where the data will be stored.
  • JetStream Admin 1.1 now has the ability to import and export projects to and from JetStream ProjectVault.


Leica JetStream Datasheet.pdf