MicroSurvey will be travelling to the United Kingdom in 2021 to host another edition of the popular "STAR*NET Certification" program for new and experienced STAR*NET users. We are pleased to be hosted by our partner. This course will prepare you to use most aspects of STAR*NET. Attendees at this session will gain experience using converters, setting up a STAR*NET project, selecting or computing appropriate a priori values (Instrument Settings), selecting appropriate field procedures and will be exposed to a variety of troubleshooting workflows and tools. Techniques will be practised using total station, RTK GNSS, static GNSS and levelling data but the principles learned will apply regardless of the type of sensor your organization uses.

This will be a classroom session taking place over two days. This will be a "bring your own laptop" event. Sample files and manuals will be provided. A certificate of completion designating the recipient as a STAR*NET Certified Professional will be awarded upon completion of the class.

Microsurvey Starnet

This program will cover most aspects of using STAR*NET and will cover strategies and techniques for working with levelling data, conventional traverse data and GPS data. Attendees who complete the course will be prepared to:

  • Configure STAR*NET for a range of equipment types
  • Derive a priori values for instrumentation from specifications
  • Design and manage a least squares project
  • Interpret results from the listing
  • Find and resolve typical problems with networks
  • Use a variety of data conversion and import strategies
  • Combine data from a variety of sources into a single balanced network


Each student requires a laptop, registered copy of STAR*NET (note that any demo licenses MUST be arranged in advance)

Times and Dates: (GMT):
30th November - 1st December 2021

Tuition: £1,500 per student

James Johnston, B. Ed., Geomatics Tech and MicroSurvey Training Manager
Craign Holt, Monitoring & Tunnelling Solutions Specialist, SCCS

Training Facility:
Leica Geosystems Limited
Hexagon House
Michigan Drive
Milton Keynes
MK15 8HT