Digital Construction

There is a digital revolution within the construction industry, where the world of survey and measurement is shifting the way technology supports BIM (Building Information Modelling).

Digital Construction

BIM has an enormous role to play in sculpting the future of digital construction. It is pushing digitisation to develop communication between the office and the construction site to ensure a consistent workflow, digital documentation and thorough visibility.

Innovation in technology which include the use of complex machine control and 3D reality capture simplify the production of digital information and models, aligned to BIM. 3D model data is used through various stages of a project. From plan, design, construction, maintenance, it allows stakeholders to check make corrections and validate the build progress at each stage.

Contractors who provide essential services and shape part of the construction unit, can easily apply BIM within their separate working practices.

Cooperatively the construction industry can make great use of BIM and reap the advantages it provides in terms of accuracy, cost and delivery.

SCCS provides a comprehensive range of the most technologically advanced hardware and software equipment with the support, knowledge and services to deliver your complete BIM solution.

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Used Equipment

Used Equipment

SCCS not only offer a great selection of new instruments but also a large selection of used surveying equipment and used GPS equipment.

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