Notice for Leica GPS1200, GPS900 and GS09 users.

Leica Geosystems recommends always keeping kit up to date with the latest firmware for optimum performance. A potential performance issue has come to light that may affect older versions of Measurement Engine (ME) firmware versions 3 (release versions 3.019 or earlier) running on Leica GPS1200, GPS900 and GS09 receivers from Sunday 27th July 2014.

Available Downloads

Guide to upgrade

1) Measurement Engine Upgrade

To Upload

  • Save attached file into the System folder on your CF-Card.
  • Ensure the antenna is connected to the Rx controller to allow for successful update of the antenna.
  • To update the firmware:
    • Main menu
    • Tools
    • Upload system files
    • Instrument firmware


Also if the upgrade using the Bluetooth connection between controller and antenna is not successful, kindly try using the cable.

After upgrade leave the equipment to initialize for about 10 minutes with the antenna having a clear view of the sky.

The Upgrade was supposed to be done before the 27th of July so there is a good chance since its being done after said date it might not produce required effect of which you can then use the second step below.

2) Debug file

From the main Menu Goto:

  • 6 Tools > 2 Transfer Objects
  • Start from the top of the list with 01. Codelist
  • From System RAM to CF card and press [F3] ALL
  • Repeat for
    • 02. Config Sets
    • 03. Cordinate Systems
    • 06. Format files
  • Then For 08. Modem/GSM stations
  • From System RAM to CF Card and [F1] CONT and repeat to the end of the list.
  • Then follow the debug process below, and when you have completed reverse the above steps From CF Card to System RAM


  • Load the attached debug.def into the DBG folder on the CF card
  • Insert CF card and power on the instrument
  • Enter the 6 Tools / 1 Format Memory Device panel and press (F5)(SYSTM) to reset the instruments system ram.
  • Ensure the instrument is connected to an antenna in an open sky environment.
  • Once the instrument has reset wait until the GNSS position is available and visible in the status panel.
  • Remove the CF card and delete the debug.def file
  • The instrument should work as expected.

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