Leica Alkaline Battery Pack Holder (w/o batt.) for Rugby 100/200

Leica Alkaline Battery Pack Holder (w/o batt.) for Rugby 100/200

SKU: 726747

Optimize the power management of your Leica Rugby 100 and 200 series laser levels with the Leica Alkaline Battery Pack Holder. Designed to accommodate standard alkaline batteries, this holder offers a flexible and convenient alternative for powering your laser level, ensuring you’re always ready for the job.

Key Features:

  • Universal Compatibility: Specifically designed for Leica Rugby 100 and 200 series laser levels, ensuring a perfect fit and reliable performance.
  • Convenient Flexibility: Allows the use of readily available alkaline batteries, providing a versatile power solution when rechargeables are not an option.
  • Durable Construction: Engineered to withstand the rigors of tough job site environments, offering long-lasting durability and reliability.
  • Easy Battery Replacement: Simplifies the process of swapping out batteries, minimizing downtime and keeping your project on schedule.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: A practical choice for those who prefer the convenience and availability of alkaline batteries, reducing the need for constant recharging.

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