Driving productivity and quality across Heavy Construction (road, rail and tunnel), Building  (residential, steel frame, commercial and facilities management) and Utilities (gas, water and electricity).

Heavy Construction

Driving productivity and quality in heavy construction operations

Demands on the UKs infrastructure are increasing rapidly due to population growth and widespread industrialisation.

It is imperative that the infrastructure we build today is rolled out quickly and efficiently to meet this demand so it is vial that the wider industry adopts Intelligent Construction methods as offered by modern equipment and workflows.


Building Construction

Fast and precise construction layout helps projects stay on-track

With the construction industry undergoing a digital revolution, traditional tools and processes are being replaced with digital ways of working. New technologies and processes are transforming how companies operate, helping users to do the same jobs faster, more easily and accurately.



Utility detection for avoidance and mapping

Surveyors, utility companies and contractors, now more than ever, need accurate, highly reliable, and up-to-date information – available for immediate use. Using the latest technology, detecting underground features becomes a simple and efficient task, increasing your safety and the protection of buried utilities. Our detection solutions provide a truly streamlined process from the field to the office, and back again, able to cover the entire utility detection, avoidance and mapping workflow with integrated solutions.