Zorn Lightweight Deflectometer

Zorn Lightweight Deflectometer

SKU: 3503030

ZFG 3.1
Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD) according to ASTM E2835-11 and TP BF-StB Part B 8.3 calibrated according to TP BF-StB Part B 8.4

Light Weight Deflectometer ZFG 3.1 is used to determine the dynamic deformation modulus Evd in MPa [MN/m²] by means of the dynamic plate load test. Test results provide conclusions on the bearing capacity and compaction quality of soils. The main field of application for LWDs is earthworks in transport infrastructure construction. Further applications are soil investigation and landscaping.

  • Load device
    210 mm, 1.140 mm, 15 kg (Width, height, total weight)
  • Base plate
    300 mm, 15 kg (Diameter, weight)
  • Electronics box
    120 mm, 90 mm, 0,5 kg (Width, height, weight)

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