Setting Forms Step-By-Step

Application shown using the Rod Eye 140, Classic Receiver.

Setting Forms with a Leica Rugby

Step Description
1 Set up the Rugby on a tripod.
2 Set up the tripod on a stable surface outside the working area.
3 Attach the receiver to a rod.
4 Turn on the Rugby and the receiver.
5 Set the base of the rod on a known point for the finished height of forms
6 Adjust the height of the receiver on the rod until the on-grade (centre-line) position is indicated on the receiver by:
  • the centre bar
  • the green flashing LED
  • a solid audio tone
7 Set the rod with the attached receiver on top of the form.
8 Adjust the height of the form until the on-grade position is again indicated.
9 Continue to additional positions until the forms are levelled to the rotating plane of the Rugby.