Manual Grading Step-by-Step

Application shown using the Rod Eye 140, Classic Receiver.

Manual Grading Step-by-step

Step Description
1 Set up the Rugby and the slope adapter on a tripod.
2 Set up the tripod at the base of the slope with the Rugby and the slope adaptor pointing in the direction of the desired slope.
3 Set the slope adapter to the zero position on the bracket and on the knob.
4 Roughly level the top of the tripod using the circular level on the slope adapter.

Before entering grade in the slope adapter, start the Rugby in Manual Mode:
Press and hold the Power Button for 5 seconds to change to Manual Mode.

  • The Rugby will beep 5 times while holding the Power Button.
  • After releasing the button, the Rugby levels. The levelling LED flashes green, then turns solid green for a few seconds.
  • After levelling, the levelling LED turns red and the Rugby is in Manual Mode.
6 Attach the receiver to a rod.
7 Turn on the receiver.

At the base of the slope, adjust the height of the receiver on the rod until the on-grade (centre-line) position is indicated on the receiver by:

  • the centre bar
  • the green flashing LED
  • a solid audio tone
9 The desired slope can be set with the slope adapter.
10 The receiver can now be used to control the grade of the slope.