STAR*NET Experienced Users Workshop

STAR*NET Experienced Users Workshop

MicroSurvey will be traveling to the United Kingdom in 2017 to host a workshop for experienced users of STAR*NET software, in addition to the "STAR*NET Certification" program that will be offered at the same facility. This course will aim to deepen your understanding of STAR*NET converters, new features and more advanced options that you can access as you plan a campaign using STAR*NET. This is also a chance to meet with your peers and the STAR*NET support team to learn about the variety of ways STAR*NET can be used.    This will be a classroom session taking place over one day.

This will be a "bring your own laptop" event. SCCS will provide lunch, beverages and snacks. Sample files and manuals will be provided. A certificate of completion designating the recipient as a STAR*NET Certified Professional will be awarded upon completion of the class.

This program will cover:

  • Exploring advanced options when using the STAR*NET converter
  • Combining grid with ground data
  • User defined Coordinate Systems and Geoids
  • Field Strategies for defining redundant measurements
  • Derive apriori values for instrumentation from specifications, with a focus on accounting for multiple observations
  • Extracting Geodetic information from the listing

Attendees will be required to have STAR*NET V8.2 installed and registered on the computer being used to access training. Arrangements must be made in advance if participants require a demo version of the software to complete all activities as the instructor is unable to issue passwords for this purpose.

Times and Dates:
(GMT) February 8th, 2017 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

£350 per student

James Johnston, B. Ed., Geomatics Tech and MicroSurvey Training Manager; Steve Thurgood, BSc MCInstCES and Monitoring Solutions Consultant at SCCS

Training Facility:
SCCS Alpha House, Alpha Park, Eaton Socon, Cambridgeshire


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