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  • Leica Cyclone & NCTech iSTAR panoramic camera.

    Deliver HDR colourised point clouds.

    Leica Cyclone and the NCTech iSTAR panoramic camera delivers fast, accurate HDS colourised pointclouds.

    Leica Cyclone & NCTech iSTAR pnaormaic camera. Leica Cyclone & NCTech iSTAR panoramic camera.

    Leica Geosystem now offers the iSTAR panoramic camera integrated with the HDS scanning workflow. Together, Leica Cylone software and the iSTAR camera deliver higher resolution HDR images, seamlessly improving field and office workflows for creating an immersive coloured point cloud.

    In the field, users simply capture an iSTAR image at the laser scanner location with simple push of a button; either indoors or outdoors. Anyone can quickly and easily operate the imaging system without any photographic experience.

    In the office, Cyclone automates the process of fitting the image data to the scan data, typically within two pixel accuracy. This dramatically improved point cloud colouring, increases user comprehension and provides spectacular visualisation in deliverables, such as TruViews or Fly-though movies.

    Download Leica Cyclone & NCTech iSTAR panoramic camera.pdf

  • Cloudworx for AutoCAD BASIC Users

    As an existing user of Leica products, to further increase your productivity, Leica Geosystems are pleased to offer you a limited time offer to upgrade to “Cloudworx for AutoCAD PRO” at a very low price.

    Leica Cloudworx offer Leica Cloudworx offer

    Until December 2nd, you can upgrade as follows: CloudWorx AutoCAD Pro Upgrade from Basic for just £500 ex VAT!

    This represents a a huge saving and is offered as part of the JetStream introduction to provide a path to maximum productivity, all in one step.

    A CCP must be purchased for £700 ex VAT as part of this upgrade (payable monthly via direct debit) - and you can add JetStream whenever you wish. The CCP allows the user to access support plus ongoing upgrades, many of which are planned for the future.

    Cloudworx for AutoCAD PRO offers significant benefits on top of the Cloudworx BASIC feature set.

    Some of these are:

    • Modeling Tools - cylinders, patches etc.
    • Clashing Tools - a very useful feature, especially in Plant applications.
    • SmartPicks
    • TruSpace
      • use TruSpace with imagery
      • draw over a picture within TruSpace - civil, architecture, BIM etc..
      • TruSpace makes a project significantly easier to visualise
      • Cloudworx fitting commands available directly from TruSpace
      • eg. a pipe run in TruSpace.  Pick it, and have it found via region grow.
    • Colour Mapping - change colour of point clouds, switch from RGB to Intensity, on-the-fly
    • Fit Section command – architecture, BIM, and plant.  Easily fit lines
    • UCS Orientation Tools - One click to place the UCS.
    • Survey Features - find ground points etc.
    • Point Extraction - to use with the final AutoCAD data to create a mesh.
    • Fit centre lines accurately to scanned pipes - use centre lines as a basis for intelligent modelling

    Combining JetStream with an upgrade of your BASIC “Cloudworx for AutoCAD” product to the PRO version will enable you to vastly increase your productivity, maximising your investment and your profit.

    Leica CloudWorx 6 AutoCad-1

    View the Leica CloudWorx 6.0 for AutoCAD Datasheet >

  • Leica Geosystems JetStream

    JetStream is high-speed, gaming-like technology brought to 3D point clouds.  This major step forward signals an end to ‘cloud regeneration’ after every pan and zoom in your CAD environment.


    JetStream regenerates instantly enabling productivity increases of up to 40%. Jetstream Video. The datasheet is attached below for your perusal.

    With two or more users, the JetStream Project Vault Enterprise option allows multiple users to work simultaneously.  Projects can be completed much faster in this way and this enables substantial increases in return on a company’s investment.

    Pricing is completely customisable, as we have introduced a new subscription based solution.  This enables a single user to take advantage of this unique technology for as low as £1,950 ex VAT in the first year and £1,165 per year for subsequent years.  Volume discounts apply such that multiple connectors to the JetStream ProjectVault are even more attractive.  A 5x user server system would operate for less than £4 ex VAT per day per user, based on a 20 work day month.

    JetStream continues Leica’s dominance at the top of the point cloud data handling market.  With the world’s leading registration software, unparalleled data handling of large projects, and now a further major world-leading step in project speed and usability.

    Leica JetStream

    View the Leica JetStream Datasheet >

  • Leica Viva GNSS mobile app update version 2.2

    The Viva GNSS App is the perfect tool for all professionals working with precision GNSS systems. The app simulates a Leica Viva series field controller and connects to the Leica Geosystems online satellite availability service to help you determine the ideal measuring times for any location. Thanks to the availability indicator you can see how many different GPS and GLONASS satellites are currently available and the satellite availability trend for your exact location. The Viva GNSS App also provides you with current and expected DOP values, essential indicators for precision measuring with GNSS systems.

    Leica Viva GNSS mobile app screenshot

    Leica Viva GNSS mobile app screenshot

    Use the Viva GNSS App to determine your WGS84 Latitude, Longitude and Height, clearly displayed in the Leica Viva style user interface. This multi-lingual app also provides an interactive insight into the key factors that influence GNSS technology. Use the 360° view to discover the right instrument for you and discover its inner workings in detail.

    What's New in Version 2.2

    • new products - filed controllers Leica CS20 and CS35
    • new Leica Viva GNSS Future video
    • Optimized app performance

    Leica Viva GNSS app version 2.2 can be downloaded from iTunes

  • SCCS Catalogue - Vol 6

    The new SCCS catalogue has arrived. It features over 2560 of the latest products which incorporates our extensive range of surveying products, accessories and services. If you would like a copy please phone 01480 404888 or email us

    SCCS Catalogue Vol 6 SCCS Catalogue Vol 6
  • SCCS Machine Control - Balfour Beatty A21

    SCCS are supplying and supporting John Daly Plant with Leica Machine Control.

    Following a request for machine control at short notice SCCS have supplied, fitted and calibrated a CAT D6T with an IDG4SP system. With a turnaround of one working day from point of order and two hours of downtime for fitting, SCCS and the Leica system have fulfilled their promise of increasing up time on site.

    Once again this system is working in conjunction with both Trimble and Topcon machines on site and receiving RTCM V3 corrections from a Trimble SPS base station.

    CAT D6T with an IDG4SP system. CAT D6T with an IDG4SP system.
  • Supplying Leica iCON iDG4SP to Keltbray Remediation

    SCCS are supplying and supporting Leica Machine Control to Keltbray Remediation at the Watford Health Campus in Hertfordshire.

    The iCON iDG4SP Dual Mast GNSS Dozer system is working seamlessly, receiving correction data from an on site Trimble Base Station and utilising the DC site calibration file.

    The Leica machine control products are once again showing their versitility and ability to work with and alongside GNSS equipment from all other Manufacturers.

    Leica iCON iDG4SP Dual Mast GNSS Dozer system Leica iCON iDG4SP Dual Mast GNSS Dozer system
    iDG4SP_2 Leica iCON iDG4SP Dual Mast GNSS Dozer system
  • SCCS Rail Day IMS Demonstration

    SCCS recently hosted two rail demonstration days which were well attended by esteemed members of the rail surveying industry throughout UK including representatives from both London Underground and Network Rail.

    This year’s rail days where specifically focused upon the release of the Amberg IMS (Inertial measurement system) which has been recently added to the Amberg survey trolley portfolio. Following a great deal of interest at the Railtex 2015 and Geo Business 2015 exhibitions the two rail days gave invited parties the opportunity to see this equipment in action and join the discussion surrounding its place within the UK survey market.

    SCCS Rail Day IMS Demonstration SCCS Rail Day IMS Demonstration

    Jim Bushell, Track Survey manager, London Underground
    "With the limited time and accessibility during track renewals on London Underground the Amberg IMS system has great potential to improve the efficiency of the pre and post work surveys thanks to its single trolley long chord survey methodology. The results from initial trials look very promising and we have further testing planned over the summer and hope to implement the system in the autumn."

    Dan Liddle, LNWS On Track Machine Engineer, Network Rail
    "On LNWS we have been utilising the Amberg VMS system for the past 18months for pre tamping surveys of our absolute track geometry route.  This has proven to deliver a substantial cost and efficiency saving on previous survey methods without compromising on the quality of the surveys.
    The new IMS system looks to have the potential to greatly increase efficiency compared with the VMS system.  We have tests planned at the end of June to enable us to fully understand what this looks like."

    Click here for more information on Amberg IMS

  • Leica JetStream and Cyclone 9.1 Now Available

    Leica JetStream Leica JetStream is a new software solution from Leica Geosystems HDS™ that enables users with Leica CloudWorx to work in real time with full density point clouds in popular CAD environments. JetStream is the only available point cloud solution on the market with unlimited scalability that can effortlessly support projects with thousands of scans and tens of billions of points – all the points, all the time.

    For more information on Leica JetStream click here

  • SCCS supporting Extrudakerb on the A1 Scotch Corner project

    SCCS have supplied, with continued support to Extrudakerb, a Leica TS15 utilising the MA Tracker and M Guide licences which communicate to the Wirtgen Autopilot Paving Control System currently being used on the A1 Scotch Corner projectSCCS supporting Extrudakerb on the A1 Scotch Corner project

  • SCCS Support Extrudakerb on the Leigh Guided Busway project

    SCCS and Leica Geosystems have supplied with continued support a Leica TS15 and Leica PaveSmart 3D solution to control Extrudakerb’s Wirtgen Paver on the Leigh Guided Busway.

    SCCS Support Extrudakerb on the Leigh Guided Busway project

    SCCS Support Extrudakerb on the Leigh Guided Busway project.

  • Leica Captivate


    For the first time, measurement technology is provided with an intuitive experience and straightforward navigation. Extremely effortless software, trustworthy equipment, and excellent support combine for solution with the most challenging demands.

    Leica Captivate is the new software for the recognised Leica Viva and Nova measuring instruments. With touch technology and familiar applications, it is possible to acquire and manage complicated data with minimal effort.

    For more details including videos click here >

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