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  • Leica JetStream and Cyclone 9.1 Now Available

    Leica JetStream Leica JetStream is a new software solution from Leica Geosystems HDS™ that enables users with Leica CloudWorx to work in real time with full density point clouds in popular CAD environments. JetStream is the only available point cloud solution on the market with unlimited scalability that can effortlessly support projects with thousands of scans and tens of billions of points – all the points, all the time.

    For more information on Leica JetStream click here

  • SCCS supporting Extrudakerb on the A1 Scotch Corner project

    SCCS have supplied, with continued support to Extrudakerb, a Leica TS15 utilising the MA Tracker and M Guide licences which communicate to the Wirtgen Autopilot Paving Control System currently being used on the A1 Scotch Corner projectSCCS supporting Extrudakerb on the A1 Scotch Corner project

  • SCCS Support Extrudakerb on the Leigh Guided Busway project

    SCCS and Leica Geosystems have supplied with continued support a Leica TS15 and Leica PaveSmart 3D solution to control Extrudakerb’s Wirtgen Paver on the Leigh Guided Busway.

    SCCS Support Extrudakerb on the Leigh Guided Busway project

    SCCS Support Extrudakerb on the Leigh Guided Busway project.

  • Leica Captivate


    For the first time, measurement technology is provided with an intuitive experience and straightforward navigation. Extremely effortless software, trustworthy equipment, and excellent support combine for solution with the most challenging demands.

    Leica Captivate is the new software for the recognised Leica Viva and Nova measuring instruments. With touch technology and familiar applications, it is possible to acquire and manage complicated data with minimal effort.

    For more details including videos click here >

  • Cambridge Chesterton Guided Bus Way.

    Leica Excavator and Dozer 3D Machine Control on the Cambridge Chesterton Guided Bus Way.Leica Excavator and Doser 3d machine control on the Cambridge Chesterton guided Bus Way

  • SCCS - will be attending GEO Business 2015

    geobusinessSCCS - will be attending GEO Business 2015 - the Geospatial Event at the Business Design Centre, London from the 27th -28th May 2015.

    As the leading supplier of surveying equipment to the construction industry we will be showcasing and demonstrating some of the most innovative solutions and services we provide. This includes the latest  MULTIROTOR Service Drone, GPS Echo Sounder, Machine Control Solutions, SCC Software and the new Amberg IMS 1000 Rail Trolley.

    We look forward to welcoming you on stand G10.

    For more details please click here.

  • Railtex 2015

    sccs-railtex-exhibitionOur successful stand featuring rail surveying solution from Amberg and Leica at this year’s Railtex exhibition in Birmingham.

  • Leica JetStream Ultra-high Performance Point Cloud Project Server and TruView Global

    Last week at the SPAR International Conference in Houston Texas, USA along with the announcement of the new Leica ScanStation family of scanners we also introduced several new Leica Geosystems HDS™ software product offerings. Leica JetStream Ultra-High Performance Point Cloud Project Server and TruView Global.

    Leica JetStream provides the exhilaration of instantly opening and immersing yourself in laser scan point clouds -- with literally billions of points -- inside the world’s most popular CAD systems using Leica CloudWorx. Users will experience the new “All-the-points, All-the-time” capability while panning and zooming in real-time like never before. This product was literally greeted with applause when introduced at the SPAR product release party and the demos in the booth showed this product will be making a huge splash in the market when it ships later this quarter.

    TruView Global introduces fast, easy, fun and effective methods of sharing your point cloud data anywhere, anytime. Users can drag and drop TruView projects into the cloud and connect their entire project ecosystems with no-install required, accessed from desktop and mobile platforms with shared markups and annotations, and more. They can also begin to truly develop a Content-as-a-Service business offering to leverage point cloud projects across town and across the globe.

    You can learn more by reading the recent press releases which give a great overview of each of these new products:

    Orders & Availability
    Leica JetStream and Leica TruView Global are scheduled for availability in Q2 2015.

  • Buckingham Group Contracting Ltd Fleet Management 2015

    SCCS are pleased to announce the continuation of management for surveying equipment with Buckingham Group Contracting Limited.

    Nick Smith, Head of Geomatics at Buckingham Group commented
    ”Buckingham Group Contracting are pleased to sign this fleet management agreement for a 4th year having experienced unrivalled customer support and technical advice across a wide spectrum of projects from SCCS since 2011. The service, calibration and delivery of all Buckingham Group Contracting owned equipment being efficiently managed by SCCS, alongside the provision of SCCS owned hire equipment, ensures our project teams can focus on delivering high quality projects without concerns about the surveying equipment being used.”

    Drew Arscott, National Key Account Manager, SCCS commented
    "I am delighted that SCCS are able to continue the support and services provided to Buckingham Group by SCCS.”

  • Construction Well under Way

    The building is now at the fit out stage which is very exciting. Although the contractor has fallen behind program we are still on budget and the quality of the workmanship throughout the project has been excellent.

  • iStar 360 Degree Rapid Imaging

    Now available for hire or sale

    Fully automatic, instant, 360 degree panoramic imaging system delivering high resolution spherical images in seconds.

    Designed for rapid 360º imaging, iSTAR is a panoramic camera that precisely captures 360º full spherical immersive images and high resolution panoramic data streams for efficient visual documentation of an environment.


    • Rapid image capture: Capturing images take approx. 2 to 3 seconds
    • Easy-to-use with one button push to operate Capture 360º still images and video
    • Generates GIS map positions from captured images or video
    • Seamless integration of images into third party applications
    • Totally mobile: capture over 600 images on one charge using optional external battery.
    • Automatic HDR
    • 3 iSTAR models: Fusion for capturing still images, Pulsar for 360º video and IR for no light
    • Live remote control with full immersive view from tablet PC over WiFI
    • Fast “real-time” stitching of images
    • Can be vehicle mounted or inverted for surveillance and remote monitoring

    For more information click here

  • MULTIROTOR Service Drone

    YSCCS Multirotoret again SCCS are recognising technological developments in survey instrumentation. The need to remove your staff from hazardous areas, whilst improving productivity and accuracy are hot topics within the surveying and construction world, and what better way to do this than with UAV technology.

    SCCS recently signed a distributor agreement with service-drone, giving SCCS the sole rights to distribute their products within the U.K. Service Drone are an innovative forward thinking company based in Germany. Their products allow for either autonomous or manual flight controls using in-house flight software.

    The main advantages to flying this “copter” is that it allows for vertical take-off and landing and also allows you to take “static” imagery from a hovering position. (Held in position using on board GPS that navigates the flight-robot to an exact position in the air updating 512 times per second) The “Surveying Robot” enables a hardly conceivable measurement result of up to 1 mm ground resolution and equally unique flight stability at wind strengths of 10-15 meter per second.

    Whilst in Germany, the SCCS team were lucky enough to witness a local company survey an aggregates quarry, which measured 12.0 Ha in area and was approximately 60m deep. This was conventionally surveyed with Leica GNSS receivers (Network RTK), taking the three company surveyors two days to complete the site work. The MULTIROTOR flight planning took 15mins in the office, the actual flight time was approx. 30mins and the final processing took approximately 3-4 hrs. The resulting end products/deliverables included a point cloud, decimated 3D triangulated DXF, a Google Earth Model KMZ file and an Orthophoto.

    The system has many applications including bulk earthworks projects involving volumetric, progress surveys, topographic surveys of large areas and inspection surveys. On a basic level service drone provides a pictorial representation of site condition, and can be used to inspect Infrastructure which would normally need specialist manpower/equipment.

    For further details contact our technical team:
    Colin Sudds:
    Freddie Sapsed:

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