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  • Moving monitoring forward

    The complexities of setting up Crossrail’s large monitoring programme

    By Steve Thurgood MCInstCES, Monitoring Solutions Consultant at SCCS.

    CrossRail ConstructionIn July 2011, Costain and Skanska working as a joint venture (CSJV) were awarded Crossrail contract C405 to complete the main civil engineering works for the new Crossrail station at Paddington. The station will be built underground below Eastbourne Terrace and adjacent to the southwestern elevation of the existing mainline terminus station.

    The new station construction area is surrounded by English Heritage grade I listed buildings which form the existing station along one side and modern office buildings on the other. The entire area is in a densely built up zone of the centre of London with mixed commercial and residential buildings.

    The respective heads of the engineering surveying departments for the parent companies reviewed the construction sequencing and methodology, and decided to undertake all of the engineering surveying for the construction phases. The team also decided that the parent companies would install, run, operate and maintain large parts of the instrumentation and monitoring (I&M) schemes that were required in the client specification, rather than subcontracting the works out to an I&M specialist.

    Click here to read the full article in the Civil Engineering Surveyor Journal.

  • Amberg Technologies Develops Unique Rail Surveying System

    Fast, exact and cost-efficient: Amberg Technologies, the Swiss specialist for railway and tunnel surveying, is expanding the well-tried rail surveying system GRP System FX with the new Amberg IMS 1000 and Amberg IMS 3000 system configurations. These configurations provide reliable and highly precise geometry information during the construction and maintenance of railway track systems – while achieving unparalleled productivity.

    IMS 1000 and IMS 3000 measure the inner and outer rail geometry of ballast tracks and slab tracks using a new, high-performance sensor – the  (IMU). Measuring 4000 metres of track per hour, the system’s performance is twice as high as of devices available on the market today. It furthermore ensures that the track will be measured reliably by providing a typical positional accuracy of ±1mm. “With this system we set a new standard for the speed for hand-pushed measurement carts while nevertheless achieving greatest accuracies”, explains Marius Schäuble, Product Manager Rail at Amberg Technologies. The IMS 1000 / IMS 3000 software processes the measurement data, analyses the quality of the track and reports the deviations to a design centerline. Correction data for tamping machines can also be generated directly. Advantage for the system’s users: the greater productivity and accuracy during track measurement reduces costs, enables efficient track maintenance and thus contributes significantly to the quality and safety of railway lines.

    The new IMU technology replaces the tachymeter for measuring track geometry and therefore only requires a single measurement cart, operated by a single operator only. Until now, up to four persons were required for comparable track geometry surveys. The “Track Sprinter” also requires only little logistical effort and can be used flexibly and at short notice. Consequence: the costs for track geometry surveying decrease up to 90 per cent compared to traditional methods.

  • Unique Monitoring Project

    SCCS are currently providing instruments, equipment and technical expertise for a unique project at an exclusive London location monitoring Grade 1 listed buildings and the Thames Wall. This year long project will involve monitoring twenty four hours a day with a Leica Nova TM50 tracking data from thirty prisms and five under water tilt meters. This will provide constant data and essential information on any movements found along the Thames Wall whilst tunnelling is carried out beneath the river. All communications link back to SCCS through a custom built communications hub for analysis on a GeoMoS Monitor.

  • SCCS New Facility Steel Work

    The main contractor has started to erect the steel work for our new facility. With just a 5 week program for the frame erection, all the cladding including roof guttering windows and doors. All eyes are on our main contractor to ensure that he keeps on time and on budget!!!

    SCCS New Facility Steel WorkSCCS New Facility Steel Work

  • SonarMite Hydrographic Echo Sounders

    SCCS are proud to announce a partnership with Ohmex to supply the SonarMite range of hydrographic echo sounders.

    The SonarMite is the world's first survey grade echo sounder to be truly portable and to use Bluetooth technology to communicate directly with the Leica 'Viva' controller. The single beam echo sounder fits on to the surveyors’ detail pole and acts as a rod extension providing an easy to use method to survey rivers, lakes and estuaries using existing kit and software. The instrument is currently being used extensively in the UK for river surveys in conjunction with Leica robotic total stations and bespoke 4Site software from AiC.

    SCCS are currently the largest European distributor of Leica Geosystems equipment and already offer a  comprehensive range of professional services.  Ohmex and SCCS have identified an ongoing need for short term or occasional use of Ohmex  SonarMite equipment by existing Leica users.   SCCS have therefore added a full range of SonarMite Hydrographic Echo Sounders to their hire fleet  to provide an extensive SonarMite hire service .

    SonarMite Main Features

    • Bluetooth technology for use with Windows PC devices
    • Established 'Smart' transducer with QA output
    • Rechargeable battery for use in the field
    • Effortlessly integrated with other software and GPS equipment
  • Smartnet Server Final Notification

    The old Smartnet server will be switched off on 23/08/2014.

    Please use the New server to avoid disruption.

  • SCCS support Costain with their Graduate Training Course

    During August SCCS supported Costain with their Graduate Training Course in surveying.  SCCS supplied the latest Leica Viva GNSS GS08 equipment with the Leica Runner 24 and Leica NA720 levels. SCCS also assisted during the sessions with valued expertise. Nearly seventy graduates attended the course over both the two day sessions at Milton Hill House in Steventon, Oxfordshire.

    The course was run by Costain’s senior surveying and engineering staff which covered a wide range of basic surveying tasks including levelling, best practice surveying and instrument care and calibration.

  • SmartNet Maintenance

    Sunday 31st August 2014

    Due to essential security maintenance works on the Ordnance Survey servers there may be a disruption to services between 08.00 and 14.00.

    This may affect all SmartNet services including the Rinex Job Service, Virtual Rinex, and the computation service.

    Please accept our apologises for may inconvenience this may cause.

    If you have any further queries please email:

  • Notice for Leica GPS1200, GPS900 and GS09 users.

    Leica Geosystems recommends always keeping kit up to date with the latest firmware for optimum performance. A potential performance issue has come to light that may affect older versions of Measurement Engine (ME) firmware versions 3 (release versions 3.019 or earlier) running on Leica GPS1200, GPS900 and GS09 receivers from Sunday 27th July 2014.

    Available Downloads

    Guide to upgrade

    1) Measurement Engine Upgrade

    To Upload

    • Save attached file into the System folder on your CF-Card.
    • Ensure the antenna is connected to the Rx controller to allow for successful update of the antenna.
    • To update the firmware:
      • Main menu
      • Tools
      • Upload system files
      • Instrument firmware


    Also if the upgrade using the Bluetooth connection between controller and antenna is not successful, kindly try using the cable.

    After upgrade leave the equipment to initialize for about 10 minutes with the antenna having a clear view of the sky.

    The Upgrade was supposed to be done before the 27th of July so there is a good chance since its being done after said date it might not produce required effect of which you can then use the second step below.

    2) Debug file

    From the main Menu Goto:

    • 6 Tools > 2 Transfer Objects
    • Start from the top of the list with 01. Codelist
    • From System RAM to CF card and press [F3] ALL
    • Repeat for
      • 02. Config Sets
      • 03. Cordinate Systems
      • 06. Format files
    • Then For 08. Modem/GSM stations
    • From System RAM to CF Card and [F1] CONT and repeat to the end of the list.
    • Then follow the debug process below, and when you have completed reverse the above steps From CF Card to System RAM


    • Load the attached debug.def into the DBG folder on the CF card
    • Insert CF card and power on the instrument
    • Enter the 6 Tools / 1 Format Memory Device panel and press (F5)(SYSTM) to reset the instruments system ram.
    • Ensure the instrument is connected to an antenna in an open sky environment.
    • Once the instrument has reset wait until the GNSS position is available and visible in the status panel.
    • Remove the CF card and delete the debug.def file
    • The instrument should work as expected.

    If you have any further queries please email:

  • Leica GeoMoS Now!

    Adapt, connect and remain in control

    Leica GeoMoS Now! Evaluate and distribute real-time monitoring informaton via a secure, bespoke web system.

    • Gain access to your monitoring information with any web enabled device
    • Review graphs, maps, images and status reports at any time and from anywhere
    • Make quick and confident decisions based on real-time data
    • A simple setup provides routine data analysis and distribution
    • Specify user access and authorisation levels
    • Store information securely locally or in the Cloud
    • Effortlessly integrates with Leica GeoMoS tasks


    Click here for more information

  • The British Tunnelling Society Conference and Exhibition 2014

    SCCS will be attending the London BTS Conference in Westminster from 23 - 24 Sept, 2014 . The BTS Conference 2014 will be hosted in London’s most sought after event facility – the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster. The event last year, the first UK conference with a program organised jointly by Tunnelling Journal and the BTS, proved a real success, making this year's BTS Conference the most important gathering of UK tunnelling and excavation professionals taking place in 2014.

    Click here for the British Tunnelling Society Conference and Exhibition 2014 website.

  • SCCS Golf Day 2014

    Last month saw the second SCCS Golf Tournament with 65 guests and staff competing in an 18 hole Stableford competition at the Wyboston Lakes Golf Course in Bedfordshire .  A huge thank you to all who attended, who enjoyed a relatively dry, entertaining round, with the (now) infamous on-course refreshments, apparently some of which were non-alcoholic!!


    A special mention must go to the BSSUJV team for getting into the spirit of things by wearing their very own team colours.  Thanks to our very own Tom McCarthy and the squad for dressing in bright pink trousers!  Perhaps this could set a future trend?!

    A ‘Beat the Pro’ charity competition raised £402 for Teenage Cancer Trust, with Steve Bladen of Carillion being drawn out of the hat as one of the 8 people to beat the pro to win a new golfing shirt. The winner of the overall golf event was Gary Nell from GN Site Engineers Ltd with Adam Koch from Interlock Surveys achieving second place. Other competitions included the ‘Longest Drive’ where Neil Armstrong from Terrain Surveys Ltd triumphed and the ‘Nearest Pin’ won by Robert Brown.


    Tom Button, Account Manager and reigning SCCS champion added

    “The day went exceptionally well. I’m happy so many people came to make the day as successful as it was”

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