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Benefits and features of the Leica Nova series

Technology developments, competition, regulations and working environments are challenges faced by the surveying industry. With this is mind, Leica Geosystems have created the extremely professional Leica Nova range of instruments to give both inspiration and confidence to the professional surveyor in the modern world.

Giving both inspiration and confidence to the professional surveyor, Leica Nova provides a simplified workflow and redefines how professionals operate in the field. Allowing access to an adaptable choice of integrated tools tha negate the need to switch between instruments and software.

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  • Leica Nova TM50 Monitoring Station

    Speed is Vital

    The world is constantly changing and both natural and man-made structures change over time. Dams and buildings settle, bridges move and flex, rock mass can shift, volcanoes explode and glaciers drift. This may be caused by human intervention such as construction or mining or by natural actions such as erosion or climate change.

    When monitoring this type of change, engineering contractors and companies are faced with increasing challenges. They are being held responsible and accountable for the condition of the structures they maintain. Engineers require the ability to measure movements of structures to millimetre accuracy levels. The Leica Geosystems Nova TM50 is perfect instrument which produces the results monitoring engineers deserve and expect.

    Image Assistance for all situations

    The Leica Nova TM50 includes a telescopic camera with autofocus and magnification. High quality live video streaming is delivered using the latest in image handling technology. The imaging capabilities of the Nova TM50 create new possibilities within this total station in a huge range of applications.

    Continued Reliability and Operation

    The Leica Nova TM50 is reliable 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for all types of monitoring applications. For use in tough environments, the Leica TM50 is designed to withstand rough use and will operate in a range of temperatures whilst also being protected against rain, dust and sand. It will operate fully and effectively in both bright sunlight and absolute darkness.

    Integrated Monitoring

    The Leica Nova TM50 integrates easily with total stations, GNSS equipment, software and IT communications to create complete Monitoring solutions. For peace of mind, Leica’s GeoMoS software allows for automatic flexible deformation monitoring which combines sensors for satisfaction.

    Features at a glance
    Accurate scanning Angular Accuracy: 0.5”
    3 km range ∓ 0.5” Automatic Aiming accuracy
    Wide angle Camera Automated panoramic image capture
    Hi-Res Telescopic Camera 30x magnification
    Automated focussing
    IP65 Protection Rating Highest in the industry
    Endures MIL standard rain test
    Operating temp –20°C to +50°C
    Protection against wind, rain and dust
    Connections Wireless
    USB Ports
    Bluetooth connectivity
    Dynamic Automation Best in acceleration and speed
    No noise pollution
    Increased service intervals
    Power External power
    Internal charging

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  • Leica Nova MS60 MultiStation

    Be a MultiSurveyor

    Your surveying skills have brought you your customers. Our instruments will help you keep and impress them. The new MS60 brings sensor fusion to the next level by combining upgraded faster 3D laser scanning capabilities, GNSS connectivity and digital imaging with a highest-end total station. Why not have it all?

    Leica NOVA MS60 MultiStation be the fastest 30,000Hz

    Scan with up to 30.000 points per second

    Take a step forward from classic detailing with a pole. With the new Leica Nova MS60’s scanning speed of up to 30.000 points per second, you will be able to deliver complex projects even before the deadline. Saving time means saving money. The quick distance and long-range reflectorless measurements, fast motorisation and reliable prism Search&Aim will additionally speed up your performance. Don’t compromise.

    Inspect any surface

    Do you keep returning to the office to process data and evaluate where remedial work is needed at the construction site? To see where shotcrete needs to be sprayed or concrete poured? With the Inspect Surface app, you can pick up speed by immediately pointing to areas in need of remedial work. Compare 3D visualisations of measurements to reference surfaces or even DXF/ICF models. Use your MS60 to its greatest extent – just decide on site.

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  • Leica NOVA TS60 Total Station

    Leica NOVA TS60 Measure with the best accuracy

    0,5” To the point.

    Leica Nova TS60 is the world’s most accurate total station, enabling you to work with the best angular (sub-second) and distance accuracy (sub-millimetre). It is designed and manufactured to the highest levels of quality and best fit for the most demanding projects due to its reliability even in the harshest conditions. Be it rain, fog, dust, sun, heat shimmer or reflections: with the TS60 you will always stay on top of your game.

    Leica NOVA TS60 Total Station

    Call 01480 404888 or email for price.

  • Leica Nova TM60 Monitoring Station

    Leica Geosystems’ new monitoring solution comes with a strong promise: real-time information and reports you can always rely on, helping you make informed decisions in time and on time. Be it settling, flexing, shifting, sliding or any other change of state – you will have it under control 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The robust, precise and enduring TM60 comes with the world’s longest ATRplus range, half-second automatic aiming accuracy, advanced imaging and the longest continuous operation. Combined with the Leica GeoMoS monitoring solution, you will be able to react to complex demands of any project – be it continuous or periodic. The decision is easy: maximum safety, minimum risk, half-second at a time.

    • Permanent monitoring (24/7): remote operation, continuous monitoring, real-time measurement data, robust against various environmental conditions.
    • Campaign monitoring (periodical): flexible instrument setup, automated measurements, Leica Captivate field software, dedicated monitoring app, connectivity to cloud services.
    • Buildings and structures: monitoring of buildings, skyscrapers, industrial and sports facilities, offshore and underground structures.
    • Transportation infrastructure: monitoring of tunnels, railway, bridges, roads & highways, airports, ports & canals.
    • Environmental monitoring: monitoring of landslides, rock falls, subsidence.
    • Energy infrastructure: monitoring of dams, oil & gas, nuclear facilities, pipelines power plants.

    Leica Nova TM60 Leica GeoMoS Edge
    Autonomous monitoring sensor control, ensuring a continuous dataflow.

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  • Leica Infinity

    Leica Nova

    The bridge between field and office

    Leica Infinity – the intuitive office software solution from Leica Geosystems

    Surveying also means the ability to handle information and data from the field and office in a flexible way and – as far as possible – from anywhere with fast accessibility and seamless data transfer. Today and more than ever before, you also need to rely on a seamless workflow in all your projects. To fulfil this need, we have developed Leica Infinity: a user-friendly, intelligent software platform with intelligent information architecture that opens up previously unimagined possibilities within many aspects of your workflow. More efficiency, greater transparency and simply better.

    Call 01480 404888 or email for price.

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Software with familiar apps and easy-to-use touch technology.

Leica Captivate is a industry-revolutionising software for a variety of measurement instruments, including MultiStations and total stations, that creates the most realistic 3D renderings with familiar apps and easy-to-use touch technology.

Capture and manage complex data like never before with the new Leica Captivate software. You can span industries and applications with little more than a simple swipe with the new software for Leica Geosystems’ renowned high-precision measurement instruments.

Leica Nova Key Visual

Included within this range is the world’s first MultiStation from Leica, the Leica Nova MS50. It is efficient and very dependable and brings together accurate 3D scanning, precise total station functionality, and GNSS connectivity.

When monitoring natural and man-made structures, engineering contractors and companies need to be able to measure movements to millimetre accuracy levels. The Leica Nova TM50 is the best instrument to provide monitoring results engineers deserve and expect.

For extreme accuracy the Leica Nova TS50 total station brings optimum angles and distance measuring to a whole new standard. It provides increased acceleration for efficiency, telescopic cameras and the latest Leica software - SmartWorx.

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