Amberg Survey

Map your line!

Highly efficient system for as-built survey of existing railway lines for documentation and future planning purposes.

  • Comprehensive, line-dedicated project data management as a basis for structured inventory surveys, data processing and data transfer.
  • Convenient project cockpit for preparation of efficient and easy practical fieldwork.
  • Powerful and integrated acquisition of as-built track coordinates and other track parameters such as gauge, superelevation, twist and versines.
  • Economic data evaluation thanks to automatic analysis and merging of several measurement sections.
  • Amberg Survey is an integral part of the application modules Slab Track, Tamping and Clearance.

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Amberg Rail Survey GRP 1000

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Amberg Rail Survey IMS 1000 / 3000

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Measurement system

  • Choose between a geodetic 3D (TPS/GPS) and long-chord measurement approach.
  • Select the right system configuration depending on your accuracy and measurement performance requirements.
  • Measure single objects beside the track for additional documentation.
  • Assign codes and comments to track measurement points of special interest.
  • System configurations: GRP 1000, IMS 1000, IMS 3000.



  • Automatic merging of different track measurement sections by user-defined rules.
  • Comprehensive options for analysis of the as-built track based on numerical and graphical data representation – specialised Track Geometry Record.
  • Powerful reporting and exporting engine supports many different formats and interfaces