SCC (Survey Control Centre for Windows)

SCC is comprehensive software for the modern survey office. SCC is a Windows based land survey and modelling package that offers a comprehensive solution, from data collection, reduction, and adjustment, through contours, sections, volumes, design, to drawing production, and setting out. SCC has been designed to combine the maximum depth and breadth of survey functionality with greatest ease of use.

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Compatibility: Supports most industry standard field survey devices, including Total Stations, GPS, and survey data loggers, from all major manufacturers, including Leica, Trimble, Sokkia, Topcon, and Nikon, using a wide variety of possible field coding techniques.

Small learning curve: Support for a wide range of existing field practices and tools. Fast, streamlined modelling, analysis, and drawing production.

Interoperability: SCC includes direct bi-directional support AutoCAD, Microstation, MX MOSS and LandXML systems with a minimum learning requirement.

Field Productivity: Supports all industry standard field processing systems.

Quality Assurance: SCC includes a wide range of QA procedures to verify the adherence of survey information to specified standards, with direct support for Crystal reports enabling creation of complex user defined reports with rich content such as images, charts, and client logos.

User Friendly: Standard Windows user interface with extensive online help, web and telephone support.
High Speed: Exceptionally fast terrain modelling and contour generation, with support for huge models

Maximum 'Field to Finish' Productivity

SCC has been specifically designed to provide the highest level of automation required by the modern survey office while meeting the demanding cartographic and modelling standards of the modern survey client.


SCC options

There are 3 different SCC packages as follows:

SCC Survey Software


  • Download of detail topography, traverse and level data from Total Stations & GPS.
  • Upload of setting out and machine control data.
  • Least squares adjustment of 3d, plan and level networks, with blunder detection, extensive reporting and graphic output.
  • Transformations including local, 7 parameter, and national grid.
  • Model creation, contouring and interactive editing.
  • Sheet layout and plotting.
  • Import and export to various CAD, GIS, Google Earth and design formats including DWG, DGN, MX, LandXML, and ESRI shape file.
  • Export to BIM (IFC).
  • Reporting and QA tools.


SCC Pro Software

Includes  - All of the standard software plus:

  • Long sections and cross sections along strings.
  • Long sections and cross sections from points in a bandwidth (river sections).
  • Long sections with cursor.
  • Section sheet layout and plotting.
  • Parallel and projected sections.
  • Cut & paste between plan and section (by projection).
  • Interactive editing of sections.
  • Volumes by sections, grids and prismoidal methods.
  • Isopachyte analysis.
  • Areas by ground type.
  • Areas by gradient.
  • Volumes by ground type to a depth or datum.
  • Volumes by area and depth.


SCC Design Software

Includes all of the previous modules plus:

  • Interactive horizontal, vertical and section template design.
  • Import and export of designs from DWG, MX and LandXML.
  • Cut and fill balancing between design and survey models.
  • Design model creation and merging.
  • Polygonal design with side slopes.
  • Use of chainage and offset system for all interactive options.
  • Advanced 3d viewer.
  • Bi-directional conversion between chainage/offset and x,y.
  • Model optimization.
  • Flow line and visual intrusion analysis.
  • Automated river and canal survey processing.
  • Vehicle mounted GPS corrections, for beach surveys etc.
  • Rail functionality including wriggle survey computations ,lift and slue analysis and import from Amberg trolleys.
  • Check survey computation, analysis and reporting.


SCC Point Cloud Software

Includes all of the previous modules plus:

  • Import clouds in E57, LAS, LAZ, PTS, and directly from Leica Nova MS50/60, up to four billion points on 64 bit PCs and laptops.
  • Interactively navigate large point clouds in 3d, plan and section views, in full colour, by intensity or by feature.
  • Select and edit data by horizontal and vertical section, relative to an alignment, relative to a reference surface, relative to a best fit plane, similar to a reference point or in a polygon.
  • Automatically extract line drawings from sections, horizontal slices, and oblique planes.
  • Automatically extract outlines of points with a similar colour or intensity such as road markings or shop signage.
  • Automatically clean and smooth extracted line work to user defined tolerances, including geometric fitting, trimming, extending, and paralleling.
  • Point cloud feature library to control how different features within the cloud are drawn, analysed and output.
  • Export selected points to new clouds, or directly to E57, PTS, LAS or LAZ files.
  • Cut sections, calculate volumes, extract levels directly from raw point clouds (1).
  • Extract linear features such as kerbs, paths and barriers using an alignment and moving section template.
  • Extract optimized TIN models to easily export point cloud surfaces to other systems without support for point clouds.
  • Snap to nearest low and high points to easily manually trace over complex features.
  • Group points as ground, 3d, and display only for analysis purposes.
  • Automatic filtering of vegetation, cars, street furniture and noise to create clean ground model.
  • Computation and display of differences between scanned data and cylindrical or template based tunnel designs. (2)
  • Developing / unwrapping of scans based on cylindrical or template based tunnel designs. (2)


Annual maintenance will cover all technical support (via phone/email), entitle you to post requests for enhancements and receive all future upgrades within the software for a 12 month period. For more information please contact our sales team on 01480 404888

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