• STAR*NET Experienced Users Workshop

    MicroSurvey will be traveling to the United Kingdom in 2017 to host a workshop for experienced users of STAR*NET software, in addition to the "STAR*NET Certification" program that will be offered at the same facility.  This course will aim to deepen your understanding of STAR*NET converters, new features and more advanced options that you can access as you plan a campaign using STAR*NET.  This is also a chance to meet with your peers and the STAR*NET support team to learn about the variety of ways STAR*NET can be used.

    For further details visit:

  • Leap Second Is Being Added to the Glonass Satellites

    On the 31st December 2016, a leap second is being added to the GLONASS satellites.

    If you are using an antenna that can track GLONASS satellites it is critical to ensure that you are up to date with your Measurement Engine Firmware (MEFW). For legacy equipment there has not been a recent release of this so if you have updated in the last year then you should be fine, no need to panic.  If you have a Viva antenna (GS10, GS14, GS15, GS16 and GS25) there was an update in August and it is recommended that you install this.


    To check your ME FW. Connect to your GS antenna then; Go to Settings, About Leica Captivate, and page to the GS Sensor tab. Or with a Viva contoller  Go to User, About Leica Viva, and page to the GS Sensor tab.

    The latest measurement engine is available to download from Leica myWorld:



  • Important Leica SmartNet Performance Notice.

    Major solar storm predicted from 25th - 27th October.

    There is a possibility Leica SmartNet performance and bad time for GNSS. A solar storm is predicted over the next few days which could possibly affect Leica SmartNet and GNSS performance.

  • Release of Leica Zeno Mobile Data Collection Software

    Leica Zeno Mobile is a complete tool for data capture with the simplicity of an Android app. With an outstanding intuitive way of data collection, managing assets has never been so simple.

    Click here for the Zeno 20

    New Zeno Mobile Features At A Glance

    GNSS Correction Auto Connect

    • As soon as you have a position, the selected RTK profile will be utilized to automatically.
    • A switch allows you to disable this functionality if needed.
    • The Auto connect is ON by default, you can switch off any time.
    Zeno Mobile
    Attribute reordering

    • Drag and drop an attribute to a new position to reorder the attributes in the Attributes dialog.
    Position Limits

    • Define quality limits to ensure certain accuracy for your measurements.
    • Time and Distance limits are available.

    • Continuously capture points/vertices. This is now possible using streaming mode based on time and distance intervals.
    Zeno Mobile
    From ArcGIS/Zeno Office to Zeno Mobile

    • Define a data model in ArcGIS/Zeno Office So far Zeno Mobile projects had to be defined in Zeno Mobile or Excel only. Now an empty data schema can be generated in the GIS as well.
    • Installation:
      • Download the Zeno Data Model for ArcGIS add-in from my World (“tools” section in Zeno
      • Field/Zeno Mobile/Zeno Connect).
      • Make sure Zeno Office/ArcGIS is closed
      • Double-click the add-in to start the installation
      • Start ArcGIS/Zeno Office and load/generate your data
      • Supported data formats are shapes, file/personal geodatabases, dxf, dwg
    • Right-click a layer and select Zeno Export
    • For further information please refer to the “Zeno Data Model for ArcGIS_Quick Guide”
  • Update New Ordnance Survey Coordinates Tutorial

    Following the recent changes to Ordnance Survey GNSS control networks and geoid models, we have created two easy to understand video tutorials. Each should help with  updating both Leica Captivate and Leica Viva instruments with the updated coordinates. Click here to watch the videos and find more helpful guides.

    Update new Ordnance Survey coordinates


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