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  • Leica Cloudworx for AutoCAD Upgrade Offer

    Limited time offer

    As an existing user of Leica products, to further increase your productivity, Leica Geosystems are pleased to offer you a limited time offer to upgrade to “Cloudworx for AutoCAD PRO” at a very low price.

    Until March 10th 2017, you can upgrade as follows: Leica CloudWorx AutoCAD Pro Upgrade from Basic for just £700 ex VAT!

    Leica Cloudworx for AutoCAD Upgrade Offer


    This represents a a huge saving and is offered as part of the JetStream introduction to provide a path to maximum productivity, all in one step.

    A CCP must be purchased for £700 ex VAT as part of this upgrade (payable monthly via direct debit) - and you can add JetStream whenever you wish. The CCP allows the user to access support plus ongoing upgrades, many of which are planned for the future.

    Cloudworx for AutoCAD PRO offers significant benefits on top of the Cloudworx BASIC feature set.

    Some of these are:

    • Modeling Tools - cylinders, patches etc.
    • Clashing Tools - a very useful feature, especially in Plant applications.
    • SmartPicks.
    • TruSpace.
      • Use TruSpace with imagery.
      • Draw over a picture within TruSpace - civil, architecture, BIM etc.
      • TruSpace makes a project significantly easier to visualise.
      • Cloudworx fitting commands available directly from TruSpace.
      • Pick it, and have it found via region grow.
    • Colour Mapping - change colour of point clouds, switch from RGB to Intensity, on-the-fly.
    • Fit Section command – architecture, BIM, and plant. Easily fit lines.
    • UCS Orientation Tools - One click to place the UCS.
    • Survey Features - find ground points etc.
    • Point Extraction - to use with the final AutoCAD data to create a mesh.
    • Fit centre lines accurately to scanned pipes - use centre lines as a basis for intelligent modelling.

    Combining JetStream with an upgrade of your BASIC “Cloudworx for AutoCAD” product to the PRO version will enable you to vastly increase your productivity, maximising your investment and your profit.

    Contact our dedicated sales team 01480 404888 or email for further details.

  • Effective Hydrographic Surveying in the modern world

    An interview with Muneer Hassan on the benefits of Sonarmite’s Echo Sounder and Hydrone-RCV when surveying, measuring and identifying the physical features of lakes, rivers, reservoirs and estuaries.



    Muneer Hassan

    Muneer Hassan
    Technical Sales & Support Manager, SCCS

    Please give us a brief bio of yourself.
    I am technical and sales support manager at SCCS – The Surveying Equipment Company with over 20 years’ worth of experience in all fields of topographic and hydrographic surveying. During my career I’ve supported all types of land surveys, waterways, canals and other bodies of water for national construction agencies and environmental consultants.
    Who is the Sonarmite Echo Sounder and Hydrone-RCV for and where can it be used?
    The Echo sounder and Hydrone setup is perfect for hydrographers, land surveyors, environmental consultants and anyone really that needs to survey the physical features such a river or a lake. The surveying can be done from a traditional boat with the Echo Sounder, but works best when attached to the Hydrone, the Radio Controlled boat platform. It’s used for general planning, environmental concerns, identifying needs such as dredging and flood risk assessments etc.
    Why did you choose this particular piece of equipment and what are the benefits?
    So after having a great deal of interest for this type of surveying, we wanted to be able to supply a reliable and good quality solution to the industry which would be available for both hire and sales. After some research and a little development with Sonarmite we found the Echo Sounder to be the obvious choice.
    And the benefits?
    Well the health and safety requirements are a big one. It lowers risk as no men need to go on the water, its all done remotely. The Hydrone boat platform is quite large but can be carried by one person and easily fits in the back of a standard sized car. There is no need for certificates or extensive safety equipment which keeps things simple. A survey can be done by just a single operator, whereas traditionally it would take up to three. It also saves time as it’s easy to use, easy to transport and ultimately saves money which is great.
    And what features make this unique?
    I suppose the some of the added benefits are that it can be used with long range Leica Total Stations with Bluetooth enabled and will also work with all modern Leica GNSS receivers. We are trying to develop the equipment to become fully autonomous which would allow for preprogramed routes, guided by GNSS.
    When will the Echo Sounder and Hydrone be available?
    It already is. We have had a lot of successful demos and our customers who have both bought and hired from us have commented on how easy it is to use and the results. We offer certified training to people new to hydrographic surveying and the use of the Hydrone with the Echo Sounder.
    Any parting shots or pearls of wisdom?
    Only that cost of this particular setup is a real advantage. I’ve mentioned the benefits above, but in my experience the amount of time I’ve spent surveying of water this has been one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to go about it.
    It has been a privilege, thanks very much.


    Click here for details on the Echo Sounder and HyDrone-RCV

  • New Leica Rugby 640G rotating laser features green beams

    The new Rugby 640G rotating laser and Rod Eye 120G laser receiver from Leica Geosystems has been released which features bright green coloured beams for improved visibility.

    Leica Rugby 640G Ceiling Target

    When aligning and levelling in and around constructions, red beams can be tough to see. The new Leica Rugby 640G rotating laser with green beam allows you to easily see where you’re working.

    This comprehensive, versatile laser provides the best beam visibility for interior applications. From working on suspended ceilings to installing drywall, the new green beam makes sure you don’t miss the mark. The green beam uses the newest in green diode technology, visible up to 30 metres without the need of a receiver. It comes with up to 60 hrs operating time an IP67 protection rating making these lasers the most trustworthy and robust choice for any interior project.

    The Leica Rugby 640G comes in package with the new Rod Eye 120G with digital read-out ability for useful offset readings and exceptional operating range. The Rugby 640G also functions reliably outdoors, even in freezing temperatures. Rugby 640G and Rod Eye 120G come with 3 year No Cost period and lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

    For further details and to order online click here.

    Rugby 640G Drywall Receiver Laser


    Rugby 640G Metermark Receiver Laser


  • Leap Second Is Being Added to the Glonass Satellites

    On the 31st December 2016, a leap second is being added to the GLONASS satellites.

    If you are using an antenna that can track GLONASS satellites it is critical to ensure that you are up to date with your Measurement Engine Firmware (MEFW). For legacy equipment there has not been a recent release of this so if you have updated in the last year then you should be fine, no need to panic.  If you have a Viva antenna (GS10, GS14, GS15, GS16 and GS25) there was an update in August and it is recommended that you install this.


    To check your ME FW. Connect to your GS antenna then; Go to Settings, About Leica Captivate, and page to the GS Sensor tab. Or with a Viva contoller  Go to User, About Leica Viva, and page to the GS Sensor tab.

    The latest measurement engine is available to download from Leica myWorld:



  • Job Vacancy: Machine Control Mobile Tech Support

    Machine Control is an exciting and innovative division of survey. Our Machine Control division is rapidly expanding and we are currently working in a number of construction environments including tunnelling, concrete and asphalt paving, roads, rail and bulk earthworks.

    We are looking for Engineering Surveyors/Land Surveyors/Civil Engineers who have active field experience with RTK/nRTK, GNSS products to move into support of machine control with us. We are taking a flexible approach to this varied and exciting role and because this is a relatively new area we are looking to train and develop candidates therefore knowledge of machine control/guidance would be an advantage but is not essential.

    The successful candidate will have access to some of Europe’s largest projects, working alongside some of the most experienced engineering teams in the UK. Duties will involve on site support of existing systems, installation and training of new operators and office based phone support.

    Candidates must be hard working, self-motivated team players with excellent communication and problem solving skills, including the ability to train staff at every level. You will support the sales team in providing information when required and in return you will receive all the benefits of working for a friendly company that embraces new technology. You will also benefit from the huge career advantage of gaining expertise in an area of survey which has a global reach and application as well as a transferable skill into many different economic sectors from construction to agriculture.

    Salary will be around £30k plus vehicle and benefits depending on experience. Please send your CV and details of current salary to

    Machine Control Mobile Tech Support

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