Leica Disto D510 Laser Distance Meter

The Leica DISTO™ D510 is an easy to use laser distance meter with an intuitive interface and 200m range. The Pointfinder with 4x zoom allows for accurate measuring where there is no reflective target which can occur when working outside in bright conditions. The 360° tilt sensor can measure both angles and distances and can be used in conjunction with the Pointfinder to provide indirect measurements.

The Disto D510 is also extremely durable and ideal for all working environments and weather conditions. It is protected to IP65 rating and is protected against water and also dust proof, making it very easy to clean.

The Disto D510 is Bluetooth® Smart Ready so it easily transfers measuring information to other devices such as the iPad and iPhone simply and can be used with the FREE Leica Disto Sketch app (available from iTunes). Easily draw sketches and assign measuring results. Use the app to edit or overwrite photographs and draw ground plans or tables.

Bluetooth Smart

Leica Disto Sketch App

Leica Disto Sketch

Leica Disto Sketch is the ideal interface between a DISTO and smart phone or tablet. They allow sketches or photographs to be created and dimensioned quickly, or the transfer of measurements into a chart. The data can be sent to the office by e-mail. This simplifies and speeds up your workflow. Click here for details.

At a glance:

  • Easy to use
  • 200m Range
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Bluetooth® Smart Ready
  • Communicates with Apple iPad, iPhone
  • Free App – Leica DISTO™ sketch
  • Pointfinder with 4x zoom
  • Protected to IP65 – water jet protection and dust-tight extremely robust for all working environments
  • 360° tilt sensor
  • Smart Horizontal Mode™
  • Height tracking


  • Leica DISTO™ D510 laser distance meter
  • Holster
  • Hand loop
  • Batteries

Protect by Leica Geosystems

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Leica DISTO D510 Height Tracking
Leica DISTO D510 Pointfinder
Leica DISTO D510 Profile Measurement
Leica DISTO D510 Sloped Object

Easy and Accurate Targeting – Pointfinder with 4 times Zoom

The Leica DISTO™ D510 uses a digital Pointfinder with high precision in adverse light environments over long distances especially an advantage when working in bright sunshine. If the red laser dot cannot be seen with the naked eye, the measurement can still be seen exactly in the display crosshairs.

Infinite Measurement Options with a 360° Tilt unit

The D510 comes with the three-hundred-and-sixty° tilt sensor, meaning it can measure both horizontal distances as well as angles. Utilising the Pointfinder tool, measurements can be calculated even when no target point is available. Measuring where there is no reflective target point is possible – for example the height a building with glass exterior or the height of a tree. These are not measurable with a standard laser distance measurer.

Disto D510 Efficient and Effective Height Profile Measurement

This feature on the Leica DISTO™ D510 eradicates the need for more expensive traditional techniques by making quick and easy profile measurements. The D510 shows height differences and distances to existing reference points. This function also enables you to check whether existing floors are level, whether cross beams are straight, as well as many other uses.

Disto D510 Quick Sketching - Bluetooth® Smart with App

The Leica DISTO™ D510 is more than a measuring tool. Using Bluetooth® Smart Technology your measurements can be transferred to other devices using the integral Bluetooth® Smart Technology. The free Leica DISTO™ app sketch facilitates the creation of tables or ground plans using an iPhone, iPad or iPad mini. Dimensions can be added to photographs to produce great visuals with no effort at all.

Quick Sketching - Bluetooth® Smart with App

Disto D510 Modern Ergonomics

Leica provide simple and easy-to-use solutions for intricate measuring jobs. The new Leica DISTO™ D510 has had its user interface developed to cell phones. Repeated and favoured functions can be designated to specific keys to allow for single button press and the help function is always to hand should you need it.

IP65 – Sealed against Water and Dust

For use in harsh weather conditions, the D510 laser distance meter’s housing is sealed from water and dust and it is ideal for working environments such as construction sites.

ISO 16331-1 – The Standard for Laser Distance Meters

The range and accuracy of laser distance meters are dependant on light conditions and on the reflectivity of the measuring target. Leica Geosystems’ laser distance meters perform in perfect conditions but also in the everyday working environment . Working together with external experts, Leica Geosystems have developed a standard by which all laser distance meters can be tested and compared to each other.

Accuracy, typ. ± 1 mm
Range 0.05 – 200 m
Measuring units m, ft, in, yd
Tilt sensor 360°
Color display with Pointfinder 4x zoom
Data interface* Bluetooth® Smart
Free App* Leica DISTO™ sketch
Batteries 2 x AA
Dimensions 143 × 58 × 29 mm
Memory 30 Displays
Multifunctional end-piece automatic recognition
Distance measurement Inclination tracking
Min/max measurement Area/volume
Smart Horizontal Mode Addition/subtraction
Height tracking Pythagoras
Height profile Stake-out
Sloped objects Trapezium
Long Range Mode Calculator
Additional Information
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Package Includes
  • Leica DISTO™ D510 laser distance meter
  • Holster
  • Hand loop
  • Batteries
  • Quickstart
  • User Manual
Manufacturer Leica

How many zoom levels does the Leica DISTO™ D510 have?
The integrated digital Pointfinder in the device has 1x, 2x and 4x zoom. You can see in the middle of the status bar of the screen,  which zoom level you have selected. To change from one zoom level to the next one you have to press the “up/down arrow keys”.

Can the brightness in the digital Pointfinder be adjusted?
Yes, when turning the digital Poinfinder on it is indicated in the display that you can change the brightness with the left and right arrow keys on the keypad.

Why is the laser dot on short distances not centered in the crosshair?
It is the parallax effect due to the distance between the laser window and the digital Pointfinder optics. This effect occurs only when the digital Pointfinder is used on targets below 10 m.
In this case the laser dot appears displaced in reference to the crosshair. This is not an error !
For distances below 10 m please rely on the real laser dot.

How accurate is the tilt sensor in the Leica DISTO™ D510?
The accuracy of the tilt sensor in the device is ±0.2° to the laser beam respectively and ±0.2° to the housing of the device. The tilt sensor has a range of 360°.

What units of tilts are integrated into the Leica DISTO™ D510?
You can set the Leica DISTO™ D510 to use different tilt units. Select in the settings “Units inclination” and choose between ° , %, in/ft and mm/m. The level function in the right hand top corner of the display can also be switched on/off in the ssettings “level”. It is always set to 0.0° and can not be changed into a different unit for tilts.

What is the angular range of the tilt sensor in the Leica DISTO™ D510?
The integrated tilt sensor in the Leica DISTO™ D510 functions in the range 360° and at a transverse tilt of < ±10°.

If the device is held at > ±10° transversely, the info code “i156” appears in the display and indicates that the device is tilted too much.

Can the tilt sensor of a Leica DISTO™ D510 be calibrated by the user?
You can recalibrate the zero level of the integrated tilt sensor. In the settings choose the icon for calibration. When you select calibration you will be guided through the process.

1) Lay the unit down on a flat surface.  The side with the typelabel should be down on the table.
2) Carry out the first measurement by pressing “ON/DIST” key on a level surface. The device confirms the measurement.
3) Turn the device horizontally by 180° and place it again on absolutely flat surface with the typelabel side down.
4) Carry out the second measurement by pressing “ON/DIST” key on a level surface. The device confirms the measurement.
5) Pick the unit up and then place it the laser facing up on an absolutely flat surface.
6) Carry out the third measurement by pressing “ON/DIST” key on a level surface. The device confirms the measurement.
7) Keeping the laser up on the flat surface, rotate the device horizontally by 180° while keeping it in the same location on the flat surface.
8) Carry out the fourth measurement by pressing “ON/DIST” key on a level surface. The device confirms the measurement.
9) After 2 Sec. the device goes back to the basic mode and you have completed the calibration procedure.

Please note: The calibration process can be proceeded by placing the unit with the lens up or down to the surface. A better accuracy in the calibration procedure is achieved having the back of the unit down on the surface and the lens up.

Is it possible to obtain detailed information about the measurements taken?
Yes, it is possible to obtain detailed information in the Leica DISTO™ D510. If detail information is available this will be indicated with two small arrows in the center of the status bar in the display. You can now navigate with the arrow keys up and arrow key down between the available measurements.

Can the Leica DISTO™ D510 also be used to measure horizontal angles?
No, the integrated tilt sensor only measures vertical angles. If the device is held at a transverse tilt angle greater than ±10° the display shows an info code “i156”, which means that the device is required to be held level (transversely).

What is the measuring accuracy when using the direct horizontal measuring function?
For example, if a distance of 10m is measured at an angle of 10°, the error on uncertainty on measurement on the direct horizontal distance (fd) is 6mm. In order to have best results with the direct horizontal distance measurements, considering the deviation of the tilt sensor, use the Leica DISTO™ D510 as flat as possible.

The horizontal distance error (fd) and the height error (fh) can be calculated as follows:

fd = horizontal distance error
fh = error in height
d = measured distance
a = angle at which the distance is measured
fa = possible angular error
fd = d * cos (a) – d * cos (a + fa)
fh= d * sin (a) – d * sin (a + fa)

Further information and a table of measuring accuracies you can find online in the FAQ under “Measuring Accuracy”.


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