Bentley Pointools V8i

Bentley Pointools supports the viewing, animation, and editing of point clouds in stand-alone workflows, enabling the intuitive cleanup and preparation of point clouds to make them easier to reuse in downstream applications. Users can streamline scan-to-model workflows by importing point clouds from all major scanner manufacturers.

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Uniquely Powerful and Intuitive Pre-processing of Point Clouds

Bentley Pointools is a user-friendly stand-alone pre-processing product that extends the value of point clouds. It enables the fast preparation of point clouds for distribution and reuse.

Bentley Pointools will make point-cloud-centric workflows more productive by providing users with:

High performance engine

Bentley Pointools’ high-performance point-cloud engine with level-of-detail management provides a fluid user experience, even with very large datasets.

Convenient conversion

The re-use of the Pointools POD file format across the Bentley product portfolio eliminates the need for time-consuming data conversion, streamlining project workflows. This reduces data corruption risks and the time related to data conversion.

Confident point-cloud differencing and clash detection

The identification and interpretation of differences between point clouds and clashes is made easier with Bentley Pointools. This new functionality increases users’ productivity and confidence in identifying both changes and clashes.

Fast editing

The fast level-of-detail layer-based editing enables the quick editing and segmentation of data. This reduces the time that operators take to segment the point-cloud data.

Improved visual quality

Bentley Pointools’ motion blur and anti-aliasing produces higher-quality final output with little or no aliasing or moiré and with minimal effort or training. This improves the quality of deliverables that is achieved.

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